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International Top Five - Third Threepeats

July 5th, 2007

For the third weekend in a row, Shrek the Third led the international box office this time growing substantially to $60.98 million on 5810 screens in 41 markets for a total of $262.00 million. Almost all of the growth came from Britain where it scored a record-opening of $33.45 million on 535 screens, sort of. This includes more than $10 million in previews that was earned over three days and that, plus a weakened American dollar, helped it over the top. On the other hand, the film struggled in Japan placing third with $2.97 million on 543 screens; that was less than Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End earned in its sixth week there. Holdovers were led by Spain where the film dipped just 33% to $5.16 million on 672 screens for a $17.24 million total while Germany was nearly as strong down 38% to $4.42 million on 857 screens for a total of $14.67 million.

The Transformers opened in second place with $36.25 million on 2133 screens in 10 markets, which is higher that expected. The film's biggest opening came in South Korea where it easily took first place with $10.95 million on 851 screens over the weekend and $13.05 million in total. It was also dominant in Australia with $6.84 million on 369 screens, and in Italy with $2.82 million on 574 screens. Since the film is based on an American TV show, it goes to follow that it will perform the best in America, however, if these early numbers are any indication, it will be a strong box office draw internationally as well.

Despite opening in many more markets and on significantly more screens than The Transformers, Live Free or Die Hard had to settle for third place with $30.96 million on 3596 screens in 35 markets. The film's biggest market was Germany where it scored first place with $7.62 million on 720 screens but it did nearly as well in Japan with $7.27 million on 741 screens, (although only $6.37 million of that came over the weekend). The film failed to top the charts in Russia has it finished second to Ratatouille, but it still performed well there with $3.48 million on 562 screens over the weekend and $4.09 million in total.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer fell to fourth with $15.42 million on 5332 screens in 44 markets for a total of $81.34 million. At this pace the film will cross $100 million by this time next week. The film had no major openings this weekend, but did before well in several Latin American markets, this includes $2.9 million on 638 screens in Brazil. However, its best market of the weekend was Mexico where it added $3.11 million on 1330 screens during its second weekend of release for a total of $11.49 million. Its biggest market overall is the U.K. where the film has made $20.50 million in three weeks, including $2.75 million on 459 during the past weekend.

The final film in the top five was Ocean's Thirteen with $14.35 million on 5113 screens in 48 markets. The film's biggest opening was Mexico, but it only managed third place there with $1.81 million on 500 screens. Its biggest market was France where it added $2.84 million on 765 screens for a two-week total of $9.39 million.


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