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Getting a Second Shot on the Home Market

July 13th, 2007

New releases were practically shut out this week with now new releases in the top five, or top ten, for that matter. This left Shooter with an easy path to first place adding $6.48 million for the week and $14.30 in total. Black Snake Moan remained in second place with $4.87 million over the week for a two-week total of $11.06 million. Bridge to Terabithia climbed into third place with a weekly total of $3.46 and a running tally of $13.71 million. Ghost Rider slipped to fourth place after earning $3.29 million, just ahead of Breach with $3.18 million. Both films have been in release for roughly a month taking in totals of $23.36 million and $17.88 million respectively.

The only new release to chart this week was Driving Lessons, which placed 47th with $460,000.

Over all the sales chart, Shooter repeated on top with Bridge to Terabithia and Ghost Rider remaining strong in second and third. Black Snake Moan climbed into fourth place while Dead Silence made it into the top five.

The only new release to chart was George Lopez - America's Mexican.

It was reported that DVD sales were down on a year-to-year basis for the first in history. This was seen as a reason to panic for some and others blamed it on piracy. However, the more likely culprit is the format wars. While some people are picking up HD-DVDs and Blu-Rays instead of DVD, while even more people are holding off buying all three till there's a winner.


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