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International Report - Potter Tops Chart, Sets Franchise Record

July 18th, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix came out on top of the international chart this week with $190.3 million on more than 12,000 screens in 61 markets, placing first in all of them. This includes $33.58 million on 567 screens in the U.K., which is just ahead of Shrek the Third's record breaking debut a couple of weeks ago, and The Order of the Phoenix didn't have three days worth of previews to help boost its opening weekend numbers.

The film also cracked $10 million in several markets, the ones in bold include midweek or previews.

  • Germany with $19.39 million on 982 screens
  • France with $17.00 million on 950 screens
  • Australia with $14.80 million on 500 screens
  • South Korea $12.49 million on 758 screens
  • Italy $10.90 million on 800 screens
  • Spain $10.80 million on 603 screens
  • Mexico $10.09 million on 1030 screens
The film also cracked $1 million in numerous markets like Brazil with $7.1 million on 725 screens, Holland $3.56 million on 196 screens, Belgium at $2.68 million on 171 screens, Hong Kong with $2.65 million on 95 screens, New Zealand with $2.23 million on 89 screens, and many more.

Right now the film is on pace to top $500 million with ease, and could hit $600 million or even $700 million internationally depending on how hard the Fanboy Effect hits the film in the markets it has already opened in and how well it does in upcoming markets. (The film opens in Japan and Russia next weekend, and China in late August, among other, smaller markets.) However, the film has already earned enough worldwide to pay for its production budget and a sizeable chunk of its P&A budget and will reach profitability in about a week. In addition, the franchise is also just a week away from hitting $4 billion worldwide, just the third franchise to reach that milestone. By the time it's done, it will be the second highest grossing franchise in history, just behind James Bond.

As for the rest of the top five, and other $1 million films, we will deal with them on Sunday with the international details column.


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