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DVD Releases for August 7, 2007

August 6th, 2007

Wow. What a busy week. Not only do we have dozens of releases (many of them Elvis related), we have nine spotlight reviews. There aren't as many contenders for DVD Pick of the Week, however. The two that stand out the most are The Muppet Show - Season Two and The Simpsons - Season 10. The Muppet Show is the better show while The Simpsons has better extras. Call it a tie and both are this week's DVD Pick of the Week.

8 Simple Rules - The Complete First Season - Buy from Amazon
John Ritter's return to network sitcoms; this was the only full season he did before his untimely death and that makes watching these early episodes a different experience that most sitcoms.

Although different is not what I would call the show as it fits perfectly with family sitcom structure. You have the father, played by John Ritter, who's clearly out of his league when it comes to raising kids. Katey Sagal, as the mother, is the mature parent, but works out of the house, leaving the father to do much of the parenting. Then there are the three kids, two eldest daughters, Kaley Cuoco and Amy Davidson, and the one son, Martin Spanjers, who can be described as shallow, sarcastic, and a snitch. If you just dropped competent actors into these roles, the show would have been decent, but wholly forgettable. Fortunately, the actors have great chemistry and very strong comedic timing and this helps the show rise above the formula.

Like most shows, it took a bit for 8 Simple Rules to find its legs, but there are a few first season episodes that stand out, mostly in the last half of the season. "Give it Up" involves a contest for the five Hennessy's to give up their addictions (remote control, coffee, telephone, sarcasm, and snitching), with the winner deciding where the family goes on vacation. This could have been a total cliché, but there is actually some character development here. The pseudo-two-parter, "Kerry's Big Adventure" and "Come and Knock on Our Door" is also good, although I hated Three's Company so I didn't appreciate the parody as much as others, but it was still funny.

As for extras, the 3-disc set only has a set of outtakes. They run just under 10 minutes and have a few laughs, but nothing that makes it stand out.

Overall this is a really good value as the 3-disc set is cheaper than many first-run movie releases. And while I would have paid more to have more extras (perhaps a John Ritter retrospective), it is still worth picking up.

Are We Done Yet? - Buy from Amazon: DVD or Blu-Ray
There has been a lot of movies that have come out this year that are contenders for the Worse Movie of the Year, this is one of them. Both a remake of Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House and a sequel to Are We There Yet?, this movie felt pre-fad right from the start, but enough people showed up to theaters to match expectations, and it will likely show a profit sometime on the home market. However, it doesn't deserve it. The DVD release is terrible; sure, there are a few featurettes and some outtakes, but there is nothing that is remotely watchable. Skip it. Skip it and run screaming from the store.

Bad Reputation - Buy from Amazon
A teenage slasher about a high school outcast who is raped at a party and afterwards called a slut, so she gets revenge. It's a pretty simple setup, but very effective in its execution. Even those who are not fans of the sub-genre will probably still enjoy this film and even with a commentary track, it is worth checking out for most, picking up for many.

Blu-Ray Releases - Buy from Amazon: Arlington Road and Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within
Just the two Blu-Ray releases this week. Final Fantasy is a visual feast that would greatly benefit from the upgrade to high definition, but it's just not a good movie.

Brigitte Bardot Collection - Buy from Amazon
Brigitte Bardot was, and is, still known more for her sexuality than her acting, but this box set doesn't contain either her best known nor most beloved films. In fact, it almost feels like all five are filler. To make matters worse, they are crammed onto just 3-discs with only a single featurette in terms of extras.

Bubba Ho-Tep - Hail to the King Edition - Buy from Amazon
Good movie. A strange movie, but a good movie. This 'special edition' is exactly like the previous special edition, except it comes in a puffy Elvis shirt. There is absolutely no reason to upgrade unless you have more money than brain cells. ... I'll probably be ordering it shortly.

Cory in the House - All Star Edition - Buy from Amazon
A spin-off of the Dinsey channel show, That's So Raven. ... Hey, come back. It's not that bad.

The story is simple, chef Victor Baxter (played by Rondell Sheridan), gets a job at the White House as chef and brings along his son, Cory (played by Kyle Massey), whose schemes for a quick buck. Hijinks ensue. Okay, when I said it was not that bad, I should have pointed out it is not that good either. It is a very predictable kids show that features its share of broad humor and adults watching it will probably be able to predict key plot points within the first few minutes. On the other hand, it should entertain its target audience well.

The four episodes presented here include guest shots by The Rock, George Takei, and Raven, reprising her role as Cory's Big sister. In fact, it is the last episode that I would consider the best episode on the DVD as the two actors clearly has good chemistry, which is shown more on the special features.

Speaking of special features, there are two features on Raven and The Rock. They run 7 minutes, combined, and are about as strong as their short running time suggests. However, even with limited replay value, it's better than nothing.

I don't recommend getting this DVD if you are an adult. In fact, if you have it in your DVD collection you might get some weird looks, but if you have kids who are fans of the show, it is worth checking out. Normally I'd recommend holding off buying till full-season sets come out, but that's not going to happen with Dinsey channel shows.

Crime Story - Buy from Amazon
Jackie Chan stars in this movie as Inspector Eddie Chan in one of his most serious roles. It is also one of his best.

This action flick deals with corrupt cops, kidnapping, and kicks to the head. It is based on a true life story (which is apparently back in the news in Hong Kong), and has realism not seen in most Jackie Chan films as he is hurt and bleeds, there is a lot of emotional development. These set the film apart from the usual Jackie Chan martial arts films. But it is not lacking in action either and it works on that level as well.

As for extras, this DVD keeps up the standards of Dragon Dynasty releases starting with an audio commentary track with director Kirk Wong and, wait for it, Bey Logan. (On a side note, I'm thinking of sending him a Christmas card this year because I've heard so many audio commentary tracks featuring him that I feel like I know him better than members of my own family.) There are also interviews with the director and the writer (total running time as 41 minutes), and three deleted scenes.

Overall an excellent film with extras that add a lot to the value of the DVD. It is certainly worth picking up for fans of Jackie Chan or Hong Kong martial arts movies in general.

Daniel Boone - Season 5 - Buy from Amazon
The penultimate season of this frontiersman show. If you bought the first four seasons, there's no reason to stop now, but there's also no reason to start now if you haven't.

Darkman Trilogy - Buy from Amazon
The original Darkman was a low-budget, dark action film directed by Sam Raimi and starring Liam Neeson. Despite its budget limitations, it was quite good. The sequels were not. So this is a box set where only one movie is worth picking up. On the other hand, it is at a price that is in line with most first-run releases and fans of the first film might light getting three films for the low price.

Darkwing Duck - Volume 2 - Buy from Amazon
He is the terror that flaps in the night. He is the feathery phantom that haunts your nightmares. He is Darkwing Duck.

Volume 2 presents 27 more episodes of this Dinsey super hero, which was made during what was arguably the peak of Disney's after school reign. In the episodes, Darkwing Duck, with the help of his sidekick Launchpad, fights the likes of Bushroot, Tuskerninni, Megavolt, and of course Negaduck. (On a side note, why don't the bad guys figure out Drake Mallard is Darkwing Duck? Sure he's got a secret identity, but Launchpad doesn't and he hangs out with both of them. You would think they would make the connection.) The show spoofs not only Batman but also The Shadow, and is a good mix of humor and action, as well as cartoon violence and crazy super villains. (There's also a lot of gunplay in the show, which I don't think you could get away with today.)

There are quite a few film parodies including Die Hard, It's a Wonderful Life, etc. But my favorite parody was of Twin Peaks called Twin Beaks. (This is also the episode with the most overt reference to Gary Larson, but there are other nods to the cartoonist in other episodes.)

On the downside, the show is repetitive at times and the animation is not as polished as I remember it. Furthermore, the 3-disc set is devoid of special features and that's a shame.

I'm not sure if kids of today will connect with the show, but as someone who can remember the show when it first aired, I enjoyed the hit of nostalgia. However, without any extras, I can't really recommend picking it up, as a rental would do for most people.

Disturbia - Buy from Amazon: DVD, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD
A thriller that was compared to one of Hitchcock's best films, but that is not necessarily a compliment.

Before the film came out, a lot of people were writing it off as a shameless rip-off of Rear Window, and I will admit there are more than a few similarities. Both films have a housebound protagonist that start to suffer from cabin fever. In both films the protagonists turn to voyeurism to pass the time. Both films are murder mysteries where you don't know if there has even been a murder. I don't think in 50 years we will be talking about Disturbia the same way we talk about Rear Window now, but it is still a taut thriller that is worth checking out, even if you've seen it in the theaters. And that's impressive for a genre is not known for its replay value.

Whether or not it is worth picking up depends heavily on the extras, and in this case they deliver. Up first is an audio commentary track with the director, D.J. Caruso, and the two stars, Shia LaBeouf and Sarah Roemer (they are later joined by Aaron Yoo on the phone). The track is engaging with a decent mix of information and entertainment, as well as a couple of cell phone calls. (I wonder if he got the duct tape and the fax paper?) Those looking for an in-depth discussion of filmmaking will want to look elsewhere, but it is still worth checking out. Next up is a pop-up serial killer trivia track, which takes the place of the normal subtitles. There's a making-of featurette that clocks in at almost 15 minutes that is you typical mix of talking heads, behind-the-scenes footage and clips from the movie. Finally there are some deleted scenes and outtakes.

This is a good package that hits all of the major points in both the movie and the extras. Easily worth checking out and I would recommend purchasing over renting.

(On a side note, I love how the ads are playing up Shia LaBeouf role in The Transformers. I wonder by what degree the success of that movie will boost the sales for this DVD?)

The Dresden Files - The Complete First Season - Buy from Amazon
Based on the best-selling novels by Jim Butcher, this show recently wrapped up its first season on Sci Fi channel. However, it has not yet been renewed, so they are probably waiting for DVD sales figures to make that decision. Sales should be strong as the 3-disc set features audio commentary tracks on select episodes, a making-of featurette, and deleted scenes. Not enough to be a contender for DVD Pick of the Week, but fans of the magic detective should be satisfied, and those who want a second season should pick it up A.S.A.P.

It's closing in on the 30th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, so there's no more ghoulish time to release a bunch of DVDs to capitalize on publicity. Additionally, most of these movies are really bad, so much so that they embarrassed Elvis Presley. I can't, as a fan of the man's music, enjoy watching movies that he disliked so much. However, for those than want them, here is a list, a long list of the Elvis movies coming out tomorrow, which include some concert film / documentaries, some of which are worth picking up.

The Film Crew - Killers From Space - Buy from Amazon
The second direct-to-DVD release from the people that brought us MST3K. The commentary is a little edgier, not quite as densely packed, but just as funny. There's also less segments with the three commentators, which means more time is spent mocking the movie, and boy does it deserve to be mocked. Killers From Space is B-movie trash starring Peter Graves, where aliens invade with the help of giant insects. (Trust me, I'm making it sound much better than it is.) Even with little in the way of extras, this DVD is still worth checking out for most, picking up for fans of MST3K.

Flash Gordon - Saviour of the Universe Edition - Buy from Amazon
George Lucas has said many times that Star Wars was inspired by the Saturday serials he used to watch as a kid, especially Flash Gordon. So while Star Wars was at its peak, it was inevitable that some studio executive would say, "Why not remake Flash Gordon?" They did, and after seeing the box office performance they said, "Oh, that's why." The film cost $35 million to make back in 1980, which is like spending $100 million today, but made just $27 million at the box office, and this was before the boom in international box office, home market, etc. Granted, it's not the greatest Sci-Fi film around, but it has a certain campy appeal to it, and it is entertaining. Given the film's cult status, I'm not surprised it earned a Special Edition DVD, but I am surprised that the extras are so light. There are a couple of interviews, a featurette on the original comic strip, and a 12-second preview of the upcoming series. Yes, you read that right. 12 seconds. And they even advertise it on the back of the box. The movie is worth checking out, but the extras on the DVD limit it to a rental. Hopefully in a few years when it's the 30th anniversary of the movie we will get a real special edition.

Full House - The Complete Seventh Season - Buy from Amazon
I can't believe this show lasted as long as it did. It was such s syrupy family sitcom without any drama at all. The fact that it lasted 8 seasons is a testament to the low standards of Friday night fare.

The Hills - The Complete Second Season - Buy from Amazon
Speaking of TV shows that I hate. This one combines reality TV with rich people bitching about their problems as if they meant anything. Makes me want to scream at the TV every time I see it. Skip it.

Home Improvement - The Complete Seventh Season - Buy from Amazon
The penultimate season for this long-running family sitcom.

Home Improvement lasted 8 season on the air, many of which provided quite a bit of entertainment. Unfortunately, those were the early years. Based on the stand up routines of Tim Allen, the show started out well showing the lives of Tim Taylor, a host of a Do-It-Yourself show who was obsessed with getting more power out of his tools and who could be relied on to injury himself of break something at least once during his show. When it first aired, the show was fun to watch. Fast-forward seven seasons and the show never broke its formula.

For instance, there is an episode in season seven where Tim screws up so he goes to his neighbor, Wilson, who give him some sage advice, but when Tim tries to repeat it later in the episode, he messes it up. ... I'm kidding of course; this happens in practically every episode. This repetitive nature is okay if you watch the show once a week, but on DVD it become really apparent and hurts the value dramatically.

As for the extras, like the other releases, this 3-disc set only has a set of outtakes to tide fans over. They run roughly 7 minutes and provide the usual laughs but it is not particularly memorable.

This repetitive nature led to the show jumping the shark well before this season and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of fans stopped collecting the series after the fourth season. Even those who have bought all six previous releases will see a bit of a drop-off this year. Whether or not that is enough to reduce the value below the purchase level is up to the individual.

I Think I Love My Wife - Buy from Amazon
A film that failed to live up to expectations, both with critics and at the box office. Written by Chris Rock and Louis C.K., who are two comedians I think are hilarious, the movie fails to offer any insight into the characters' lives, which makes for an unengaging film. Extras are average in number, but below average in execution with an audio commentary track, two making of featurettes, outtakes and deleted scenes. Perhaps if you are a really big fan of Chris Rock it is worth checking out, but even then it is worth a rental at most.

Killer Killer - Buy from Amazon
A teenage slasher about a serial killer that kills serial killers. Teenage slashers are so common, especially on the home market, that they need something to set them apart, and this film does that with its premise. Fortunately, the execution doesn't fail in living up to its potential. Like Bad Reputation, which I mentioned above, this is a smaller indie film that will please fans of teenage slasher and even those who are more ambivalent to the genre. Worth checking out, and possible even picking up depending on your personal opinion for the genre. Personally, given its indie nature I'm more willing to forgive the lack of extras and recommending picking it up instead of just renting.

Man Stroke Woman - The Complete First Series - Buy from Amazon
Sketch comedy featuring Nick Frost and others. Like all sketch comedy shows, this one is hit and miss, and the ratio varies widely depending on who you talk to. Because of this, it is too much of a risk to buy outright, but I would recommend renting it.

The Muppet Show - Season Two - Buy from Amazon

Season 1 of The Muppet Show was released on DVD almost exactly two years ago to the day, which is a long, long time between seasons for TV on DVD. There were some concerns that poor sales might result in the DVD released being canceled, but then it was announced that the delay was to get more extras on the DVDs, and the fans rejoiced. (But not for long.)

Season 2 is where the show really hit is stride. During the first season the cast and crew were trying to find their footing, and the guests were not always top-notch (in fact, many of them were friends of the filmmakers). However, season 2 starts off great with Don Knotts as the guest and rarely slows down. (There are a few times when Kermit announces the guest star and I thought, "Who?" but those were usually singers of the era and that could explain why I didn't recognize their names. Sticking with the highlights, other guests include Milton Berle; Steve Martin (back in his wild and crazy days); George Burns; Rich Little (as a Canadian I feel the need to apologize for him); Madeline Kahn; Dom Deluise; Bernadette Peters; Elton John (who made the Muppets look subdued by comparison); Julie Andrews; Peter Sellers (this episode was not as funny as I was expecting given the guest); Zero Mostel (also not as funny as I was expecting); Bob Hope; Cloris Leachman; and John Cleese. Even most of the guests whom I didn't know were great in the show. There were really only a handful of second tier shows this season.

As for the extras, we were promised more and given less. Gone are the trivia tracks from Season 1, which was a major loss. Taking its place is the TV special, The Muppets Valentine Show, which aired before the TV series started. However, it feels like a sub-par episode and while it is nice to have, it is not a major selling point. Up next are several interviews with the Muppets talking about various topics, including the marital status of Kermit and Miss Piggy. These are great, for the most part, as the puppeteers are masters at remaining in character and the interview clips feel very natural. Finally, there's the music video with Weezer featuring the Muppets; it's fun to watch, but doesn't have as much substance.

The Muppet Show was one of my favorite shows and Season Two is arguably the best. Even with extras that are light it is still worth picking up and the chance to see the amazing guests and hilarious skits makes it a contender for DVD Pick of the Week.

My Hero - Season Two - Buy from Amazon
Season two of this entertaining / corny super hero show starring Ardal O'Hanlon, who is best know for his role in Father Ted. My Hero isn't up to the same level as Father Ted, but both are funny enough to be worth checking out. However, the lack of extras on this DVD reduces its value to a rental.

Myrna Loy and William Powell Collection - Buy from Amazon
Myrna Loy and William Powell are best known for their work together in the Thin Man series, which has several releases coming out tomorrow as well. These films are, on average, not quite as good as The Thin Man movies, but they are still worth checking out. Add in extras that are better than expected given the age of the movies (mostly vintage shorts), and this 5-disc set is worth picking up for fans of the duo in specific or fans of the era in general.

Private Fears in Public Places - Buy from Amazon
A foreign language film that did well on the art house circuit but was unable to cross over to mainstream success. It is worth checking out, but the lack of extras limits its value to a rental.

Rome - The Complete Second Season - Buy from Amazon
Premium show at a premium price. Even with a hefty 50% discount on Amazon's it is still more than most TV on DVD releases, with only half as many episodes. That said, you do get what you pay for as the second (and last), season is just as fantastic as the first and the extras include audio commentary tracks on 5 of the 10 episodes, text commentaries on all episodes by the historical consultant, and a quartet of featurettes weighting in at roughly 80 minutes. Those that loved the show when it aired on HBO will likely want to see it again, but many will balk at that price.

Roseanne - Season Eight - Buy from Amazon
Good show, mediocre DVD release. There were a few changes this season, including Sarah Chalke being replaced by the original Becky, Alicia Goranson, a new baby, etc. Some of the changes worked, others did not and this meant the show, while still solid, was not as strong as some of the previous seasons were. As for the extras, there is an interview with Roseanne and two video commentary tracks and that's enough to lift the 4-DVD set past the rental level.

The Salon - Buy from Amazon
This romantic comedy was D.O.A. thanks to weak reviews and too many similarities to Beauty Shop. The DVD should do somewhat better, but without any extras, it won't be able to recoup its production budget.

The Simpsons - Season 10 - Buy from Amazon: Boring Regular Box or Cool Bart Head Box
Are we at the halfway point yet? Most fans will agree that by season 10 this show had jumped the shark, but there are still plenty of excellent episodes including D'oh-in' in the Wind where Homer learns his middle name and becomes a hippie, Viva Ned Flanders where Homer helps Ned loosen up only to end up with both of them marrying cocktail waitresses in Vegas, Treehouse of Horror IX where we find out Maggie is an alien, and many others. The number of episodes with replay value still outnumbers the ones without by a good margin, there are not as many instant classics. Extras continue the strong tradition with audio commentary tracks on all episodes, as well as animatrics, etc. Easily worth picking up and still a clear contender for DVD Pick of the Week.

Small Town Gay Bar - Buy from Amazon
A documentary about a LGBT bar in the heart of the Bible belt. Where this bar is, threats of violence are common, but this film tries to focuses more on the positive aspects including the sense of community these bars provide and that give the documentary a sense of hope it might not otherwise have.

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody - Sweet Suite Victory - Buy from Amazon
A Disney channel show featuring the hijinx of twins living in a hotel. ... No, you can leave. It really is that bad.

Granted, this is a kid's show and has to be judged as such, but even so this was painful to watch. Zack and Cody are absolutely obnoxious, the writing is lazy, the jokes are forced and I swear that laugh-track plays non-stop. The only positive I can think of, there are only three episodes instead of the usual four on these Dinsey channel releases. Those three episodes are:

  • Band in Boston: A contest to find the best band has the twins fighting. Practically every main character in the show takes part in the contest and it seems only the main characters are in the contest. (You would think a contest where the grand prize winner gets to record a demo CD would attract a lot more attention.)
  • Election: The twins compete to see who would make the best class president. They couldn't even come up with a bad pun for the title, so you know the writing is bad here.
  • Not So Suite 16: Maddie and London both have their sweet 16 parties at the same time causing tension between friends. This is as close as it gets to a watchable episode on this DVD as it focuses more on Ashley Tisdale and Brenda Song's characters than the twins, which is great cause Ashley Tisdale and Brenda Song actually have talent while the twins don't.
As for the extras, there are some outtakes and a quiz hosted by Brenda Song. The outtakes are weaker than most while the quiz has more entertainment value than the episodes, but that's not saying much.

Overall this is painfully bad. I can't recommend anyone buying it. In fact, I may end up burying it on consecrated ground to prevent it from haunting my DVD player forever.

Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show - The Complete Series - Buy from Amazon
Fans of D.C. cartoons get another treat this week as the latest in a long line of DVD releases comes out tomorrow. This time it's Super Friends, the mid-80s cartoon featuring Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, among others. There are only 16 episodes on the 2-disc set, but extras include audio commentary tracks on five of them, featurettes on the new characters, the diversity of the show, and of course the toys it spawned. Easily worth picking up for fans of the show and worth checking out for fans of D.C. in general.

That Girl - Season Three - Buy from Amazon
We hit the halfway point of this groundbreaking series. It was the first to feature an independent, single, successful woman as its main character and helped lead the way for shows like Mary Tyler Moore. The show is still good, but the extras appear to have dried up, which limits its value.

The Thin Man - Buy from Amazon: After the Thin Man, Another Thin Man, Shadow of the Thin Man, The Thin Man Goes Home, and Song of the Thin Man
Great movies, but they've already been released in a Box Set, so there's little reason to buy them individually now.

The Tick Vs. Season Two - Buy from Amazon

The second season of this cult classic super hero cartoon continues to provide great entertainment just like the first season. Also like the first season, this one is missing an episode and is devoid of special features. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Of the twelve episodes that are presented, there are several that are worthy of repeat viewing and these include:

  • Armless But Not Harmless: Tick and Arthur have their arms stolen by two super villains, which causes Arthur to freak out. Granted, freaking out is the appropriate response to the situation, but it is funny to see.
  • Coach Fussell's Lament: Charles a.k.a. Brainchild returns, captures the Tick and turns him into a tiny two-headed bluebird that only speaks high school French. (If you don't find that funny, there's nothing I can do to help you.)
  • Evil Sits Down For A Moment: Die Fledermaus falls for a super villain who can control furniture and wants to rebuild the Ottoman empire. (If you don't groan at that pun, there's nothing I can do to help you.)
  • Heroes: A parody of cops where a camera crew follows Tick and Arthur as they battle the Deadly Bulb a.k.a. Pig Leg.
  • The Tick Loves Santa!: Tick must battle a duplicating super villain called Multiple Santa (another groan-worthy pun), but is his love for Santa is too great to battle the evil doppelgangers? (This episode has one of the best / worst lines in the who show ("It's a Yule tide!') On a side note, sugar plums are sugar candies that are made to resemble plums. Just thought you might want to know.
  • The Tick vs. The Big Nothing: Hey, hey, hey. Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey. ... What? Tick battles the Hey Empire who want to destroy the universe. Great story, a lot of great gags (Using fear a fuel, the speed of lint, the infinity ball, Tick trying to scare Arthur, and more.)
  • Grandpa Wore Tights: The geriatric Terror returns but the Tick has help from the equally geriatric Captain Decency and his Decency Squad, who include Visual Eye, Johnny Polite, Living Doll, and Suffragette. It is also the return of the Human Ton and Handy ("Well, that was an Oedipal moment. ... Read a book!").
  • The episode we are missing is Alone Together, which is arguably the best episode of season 2. Given the similarities between the world-eating Omnipotus and Marvel's Galactus, it's probably a safe guess to figure out why this episode was not included.

    The hit and miss ratio is still great, but not as strong as first season and even without any extras, The Tick Vs. Season Two is easily worth picking up. Perhaps one day we will get the missing episodes, but until then we will have to settle for every bit of Tick we can get.

    TMNT - Buy from Amazon: DVD, Blu-Ray or HD-DVD/DVD Combo
    The Fanboy Effect was in full effect here. The film's opening beat all expectations but by the next week it had all but vanished, finishing with a multiplier that was barely more than 2. Granted, the reviews didn't help, but even just 32% positive doesn't explain the lack of legs here. That's not to say the movie is terrible; it was clearly made by hardcore fans for hardcore fans and those that didn't enjoy the previous films will find little to enjoy here. Extras are average with an audio commentary track, deleted scenes, two featurettes on the digital animation, and another on the voice talent. Worth picking up for fans of the show, but with limited crossover appeal. Also coming out tomorrow is the latest volume of the cartoon series.

    Unaccompanied Minors - Buy from Amazon
    I'm a little confused why this movie is coming out on DVD at this time of year. It has been nearly 10 months since it was released in theaters, why not wait a couple more and release it when the Christmas rush starts up again? Maybe because it was a bad movie that flopped at the box office. The movie isn't as bad as its box office performance would indicate and it should entertain its target audience while parents can play spot the celeb and will even laugh at a few of the jokes. Extras include the basics, audio commentary, deleted / extended scenes, and outtakes, but unless your kids love it and want to watch it again and again, a rental will do.

    Voltron - Defender of the Universe - Revelations - Buy from Amazon
    With the success of The Transformers, it comes as no surprise that there's a Voltron movie in the works. And with a Voltron movie in the works, it comes as no surprise that there will be plenty of DVD releases for the next year or so.


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