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International Top Five - Simpsons Score, according to Estimates

August 8th, 2007

Full numbers are not in, so we are stuck with studio estimates for this week's international top five round-up. That means a couple of films could switch places when the final numbers are in. However, it is certain that The Simpsons Movie will take top spot as it pulled in an estimated $47.3 million on 6,627 screens in 75 markets for a two-week total of $187 million. This week's numbers include several new releases, including Mexico, where the family friendly film dominated the box office taking in $5.46 million on 842 screens over the weekend and $6.84 million in total. Holdovers were mixed with the film down 70% in the U.K. and 64% in Germany, however, it still made $8.18 million on 519 screens in the former market and $5.15 million on 816 screens in the latter for running tallies of $24.96 million and $49.14 million respectively. It fell more than 50% in almost all major markets, but with a worldwide total of more than $300 million after the weekend, the studio should be very happy with the results.

The Transformers opened in a handful of new markets, including Germany and Japan, which helped it climb into second place with $29.67 million on 6,118 screens in 53 markets for a total of $296.71 million. The film took top spot in Germany with $5.86 million on 763 screens while it also captured first in Japan with $5.37 million on 616 screens. It was down 52% in the U.K., if you go by the weekend numbers only. If one adds the previews to its opening, it was down 73% to $4.74 million on 458 screens for a total of $29.49 million, while it hit $50.53 million in South Korea after earning $789,000 on 222 screens during its 6th week of release there.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix slipped to third place, but it had no new openings to buoy its international numbers. Over the weekend it did add $25.2 million on 9,700 screens in 59 markets for a total of $509.7 million, making it the 16th film to reach the $500 million milestone and overtaking Independence Day for 15th place on the all-time charts. Worldwide, the film now has $770.7 million after the weekend, placing it 24th on the all-time chart. The film has yet to open in a handful of markets, but they are midlevel ones like China and Greece, and while $800 million worldwide is guaranteed, $600 million internationally could be tough to reach and $900 million worldwide looks out of reach.

Thanks to a massive opening in France, Ratatouille was able to climb a spot to fourth with $24.5 million on 4,320 screens in 26 markets for a still early total of $83 million. In France, the film pulled in $11.79 million on 721 screens, which was 15% less than Cars made in that market, in total. Its opening was higher than all other Pixar films managed to open with, with the exception of Finding Nemo. Granted, the film was set in France, so this obviously helped the film's box office there, but it is still good news. Other openings include $3.75 million on 523 screens in Spain, which is nearly identical to Cars' opening there, and that film had an extra day to pull in its $3.76 million. Meanwhile the film is holding strong in South Korea, down just 19% to $1.27 million on 258 screens for a two-week total of $4.69 million. On the other hand, it was down 49% in japan to $2.24 million on 538 screens for a $10.91 million total.

Rounding out the top five was D-War, which dominated the South Korean box office with $13.19 million on 700 screens over the weekend and $18.80 million in total. This film opens here in September, but it is unlikely that it will earn as much during its opening, and that's before taking into account the relative size of the two markets.

On Sunday, we should have updated numbers and the rest of the international details.


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