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Weekend Estimates - Superbad has Supergood Opening

August 19th, 2007

The Summer season might be winding down, but Superbad proved this weekend that there's still good money to be made by the right movie. It opened with an estimated $31.2 million, putting it on par with the opening of Evan Almighty back in June, while playing in 700 fewer theaters. With decent word of mouth, it should comfortably top $100 million at the box office.

The Invasion didn't make nearly the same impact, earning just over $6 million, according to studio estimates, and landing in 5th place. That looks like a positive blockbuster compared to the opening of The Last Legion, which limped into 12th place with an estimated $2.6 million.

Other openers included Death at a Funeral, which earned a solid $1.3 million in 260 theaters, The King of Kong, with an impressive $50,000 in 5 theaters, and 7 Days, which made a disappointing $9,500 in eight theaters.

- Weekend Estimates

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