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DVD Rentals - New Releases Hog Half the Spots on the Rental Chart

August 26th, 2007

New releases took three of the top five places on the DVD rental chart, including first place. Wild Hogs was the overall rental leader with $9.94 million, which was in line with Disturbia's opening last week. Disturbia did hold on strongly during its sophomore stint, down just 22% to $7.58 million for the week and $17.27 million in total. As they did on the sales chart, Fracture opened in third place while Vacancy managed fourth with $6.71 million and $6.36 million respectively. Finally, 300 grabbed the last spot in the top five, adding $5.85 million for the week for a total of $27.22 million after three; this is merely a fraction of the film's earnings on the sales chart, but still impressive nonetheless.

There were a few other new releases to chart this week, but none that managed to place in the top 20. In fact, the next best release was The Lookout with a 23rd place, $1.12 million debut. Inland Empire was just a few spots lower in 26th place with $1.08 million. The final release to chart was Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters for DVD, which only managed 34th place with $880,000 in rentals compared to a sixth place $3.78 million opening on the sales chart. That's evidence of a serious Fanboy Effect.


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