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DVD Sales - Wild Hogs Ride Into the Sunset

September 2nd, 2007

New releases weren't big sellers this week as Wild Hogs remained in first place despite falling more than 66% during its second week of release. It sold an estimated 738,000 units for a running tally of 2.94 million. That works out to $46.96 million in sales, including $11.80 million this past week. 300 remained in second place with 345,000 units sold over the week and 7.43 million in total for a total sales of $168.20 million so far. The first new release of the week was Perfect Stranger with $5.84 million in sales from 344,000 units sold. House, M.D. - The Complete Third Season opened in fourth place with 176,000 units sold, but thanks to a higher price, it came in third in terms of raw dollars with $6.69 million in sales. The final film in the top five was Fracture with second week sales of $2.93 million from 163,000 units sold. So far the film has sold 517,000 units for sales of $9.30 million.

There were plenty of other new releases to chart this week, led by South Park - The Complete Tenth Season in sixth place with 156,000 units sold for first week sales of $5.14 million. Redline opened in 11th place with 80,000 units sold for a total of $1.75 million in sales. Next up was WWE - The Great American Bash 2007 with $1.03 million in sales from 52,000 units sold for a 15th place finish. Finally, Serenity - Collector's Edition sold 32,000 units pulling in $580,000 in sales.


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