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Movie Website Updates for September 16 - September 22, 2007

September 22nd, 2007

Not a long list this week, but at least we had a clear winner for the Weekly Website Award, Resident Evil: Extinction - Official Site. IN the coming weeks we should see some big sites launch as award season starts to heat up.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford - Official Site
The TV spot was the only new addition this week. Overall the site has just the basics in term of style of content with nothing that makes it stand out as good or bad.

August Rush - Official Site
The flash site launched this week and it has all of the usual information, (bios are marked coming soon), as well as short video clips as introductions to the various sections and a lot of different songs for background music. There are a handful of sections marked coming soon, (Remix the Trailer, Soundtrack, Promotions, and Partners), which could add to the overall site. I'm not expecting much from Promotions of Partners, but if Remix the Trailer and Soundtrack are strong enough, it could be a contender for the Weekly Website Award.

Bee Movie - Official Site
The second of five games was added this week and it's a spelling bee. Played very much like hangman and its rather easy cause most of the puzzles are bee puns.

The Bucket List - Official Site
Just the trailer so far. Given the release date and the cast, one has to assume this is being set up to win Oscars, and the trailer keeps that possibility open.

The Counterfeiters - Official Site
Just some images and the trailer so far with the full site marked coming soon.

The Darjeeling Limited - Official Site
There might be new features, but when I tried to get there, it just crashed my browser.

The Final Season - Official Site
All the usual features are here, (with character bios instead of cast bios), as well as clips and a game marked coming soon.

Fred Claus - Official Site
There's a new poster, but I'm not overly happy with it. Too much clutter, not enough focus.

Good Luck Chuck - Official Site
This site should be better than it is. It has all of the usual features, several video clips including some as introductions for the sections, and even a game. However, it is not the sum of its parts and the overall effect is just average.

The Jane Austen Book Club - Official Site
I like the fact that the content of this site is divided into the six Jane Austen books, that adds a little to the site. But not enough to make it memorable.

The Last Winter - Official Site
This site is for a low-budget indie film, and it looks it. There's a lot of information here, most than most sites have, but almost zero in terms of style.

Mr. Untouchable - Official Site
All the regular features were added, that is all of them except the trailer.

Music Within - Official Site
The site is back, but it has just the synopsis, bios, images, and trailer.

Nina's Heavenly Delights - Official Site
All the usual features are here with a song from the movie, however, it only plays on the home page so you can't read the synopsis while listening to it, for instance.

P.S., I Love You - Official Site
The trailer is online, but not on the site. However, there is at least a link to the trailer on the site. As for the quality of the trailer, I'm not sold. It might work, but I'm going to need more before I'm convinced as there's just too much potential for maudlin, overly sentimental sap.

Persepolis - Official Site
The official site launched this week and I like the style. Each section floats by on waves; it's a small thing, but it adds to the style. As for the content, there's only the press kit, images, trailer and a making-of-featurette, which is exactly what there was on the placeholder site. Hopefully more will be added.

Rails & Ties - Official Site
The site is up but there's just the trailer so far.

Resident Evil: Extinction - Official Site
Six clips were added to the placeholder site, adding to an already impressive collection of features. The flash site includes all of the usual features. (synopsis, cast & crew bios, production notes, image gallery, and trailer), and a massive amount of graphics to display it. So much so that occasionally overwhelms the content. In addition to the three trailers for the movie, (teaser, full and red-band), there is a trailer for the Wii game and a music video. Finally, and the best of all, there is a game. And not just a cheap game, but one that is both fun enough and long enough to warrant repeat visits even after you've beaten it. Overall it's the best site on this week's list and the winner of the re-dead Weekly Website Award.

Run, Fat Boy, Run - Official Site
Just the trailer and the new release date. (It has been pushed back to March. Noooooo!) There's also a British site that is a lot more entertaining. Hopefully they will port over the game at least.

Saw IV - Official Site
The sound worked this week, worked too well in fact. Once the commentary started, I couldn't shut it off. When I tried to watch the second commentary and the first was still going.

Sydney White - Official Site
Still can't get into the site and I still can't figure out why. From what I saw previously, it was a great site for a MySpace page, which works out to better than average for a non-MySpace page. On a side note, Amanda Bynes is all over MySpace, so even if you are like me and can't see the site, you can see plenty of her and Sydney White is well represented.

Yesterday Was a Lie - Official Site
The site's been redesigned and there's new sections for press, (including my quote), and a new section for upcoming events.


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