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Movie Website Updates for September 23 - September 29, 2007

September 29th, 2007

Another slow week, but at least we have a clear contender for the Weekly Website Award. That site is The Kingdom - Official Site, which combines all the usual features with a good mix of extras as well as enough sound and animation to keep surfers interested.

Bee Movie - Official Site
Bee-A-Pet, the third game, was added to the site this week.

Black Irish - Official Site
A new look just in time for this week's release. However, there's no new content.

Bordertown - Official Site
Just the MGM main site. It's like they are not even trying anymore.

The Chosen One - Official Site
Missed it last week... but there is information on the upcoming screening. If you are going to be in Los Angeles on the 13th of October, check it out.

Cloverfield/1-18-08 - Official Site
It's been a while, but there's finally a new image on the site.

Dan in Real Life - Official Site
All the usual features were added this week, but I have the horrible feeling this is as good as it gets for style. There are a couple extras on the site, (the soundtrack and Ask Steve), and a couple more marked coming soon, (Photo Album Sweeps and Dan's Family), but they will need to be excellent to make the site award-worthy.

The Darjeeling Limited - Official Site
No browser crash this week, which is nice, but it was buggy so I didn't stick around long and test my luck. The Explore section is still marked coming soon while there's a link to iTunes where you can grab the short film, Hotel Chevalier, for free. However, when I tried, it just gave me an error message.

Feast of Love - Official Site
Nothing new this week, which means there's not enough here to really sell the film.

Finishing the Game - Official Site
This is a very chaotic site, so while there's a lot of information, it doesn't present it well enough. Then again, one look at the trailer and the target audience will be sold.

Fred Claus - Official Site
The placeholder site was totally re-designed and the synopsis and the image gallery were added.

The Game Plan - Official Site
All the usual features are here plus a game while the site is hosted by Dwayne Johnson. I like features created specifically for the site, but it's not enough to put it in contention for the Weekly Website Award.

Gone, Baby, Gone - Official Site
The sections on the book at its author were added.

Grace is Gone - Official Site
The site is just a re-direct, but the trailer can be found on Should be an excellent movie.

Itty Bitty Titty Committee - Official Site
All of the usual features but it doesn't have a very polished feel.

The Kingdom - Official Site
Good site with a lot of features. This includes all of the regulars, (synopsis, bios, image gallery, and trailer), as well as extras. Some of the extras are common like clips, but there are also less common features like a making of featurette and a whole lot of background information. Even if you couldn't find Saudi Arabia on a globe, after exploring this site you should have more than enough information to follow the movie. There's also more than enough sound and animation to keep a surfer's attention and help it win the forensic Weekly Website Award.

Oswald's Ghost - Official Site
Just the name.

Outsourced - Official Site
There's a lot of information here, including all the regular features, but the style is lacking.

Postal - Official Site
This very well could be the worst Uwe Boll movie ever made and the site right up there in terms of quality.

Rogue - Official Site
Just the basics with the old release date. It's been pushed back till sometime in 2008.

Trade - Official Site
No updates since the beginning of the month.


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