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International Top Five - Second Helping for Ratatouille

October 17th, 2007

Ratatouille remained in top spot with $21.07 million on 3721 screens in 39 markets for a total of $271.85 million. This includes a dominating first place, $9.08 million opening on 503 screens in the U.K. This was nearly twice as much as Cars debuted with in that market, but only half as much as The Incredibles. Meanwhile in Germany, the film was down 45% to $6.46 million for the weekend and $20.40 million in total. This is already more than Cars made in total in that market and is about a week away from also topping The Incredibles final figure of $24.22 million. Its best market is still France where it has made $64.76 million, just a hair below the $64.78 million Finding Nemo made in that market meaning Ratatouille has already become the all-time highest grossing Pixar movie in France.

Resident Evil: Extinction continued to expand and continued to grow adding 6 markets and 18% to last week's numbers. The film's biggest opening came from the U.K. where it opened in second place with $1.90 million on 311 screens while it placed third in Italy with $1.22 million on 246. However, it was able to top the charts in Australia, barely, with $1.14 million on 134 screens just outpacing the debut of Death at a Funeral by less than $20,000. On the other hand, it crumbled in France down more than 50% to $1.15 million on 405 screens over the weekend and $3.82 million in total. It seems the film is destined to be a one-weekend-wonder in most markets it opens in. Overall the film added $9.29 million on 2481 screens in 26 markets for a total of $41.07 million and by this time next week it should overtake its domestic total.

The Orphanage opened in third place with $7.30 million on 349 screens over the weekend and $8.20 million in total, all of which came from its native Spain. This was more than four times its nearest competitor and roughly 70% of the total box office. It also could be more than the film makes here in total, unless it earns some Oscar buzz, which isn't out of the question.

The Heartbreak Kid was flat adding $5.76 million on 1146 screens in 5 markets for a total of $13.96 million. The film opened well in Spain taking second place with $1.69 million on 302 screens over the weekend and $1.86 million in total. It also held on strong in both the U.K. and Russia down 31% and 28% respectively. In the U.K. it added $1.75 million on 409 screens for a total of $5.68 million while in Russia it added $1.66 million on 360 screens for a total of $4.77 million. Its next major markets are Germany and Mexico at the beginning of November while it has major openings nearly every weekend that month.

The Kingdom climbed into the top five during its second weekend of release with $5.54 million on 3625 screens in 21 markets for a total of $10.25 million. Its best market remained the U.K. where it added $1.05 million on 393 screens for a two-week total of $3.94 million. However, it opened poorly in Germany, ($784,000 on 303 screens), and Japan, ($752,000 on 216 screens). Landing in the top five is good news for the movie, but given the markets it is playing in, it could have challenged for second place.


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