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DVD Sales - Shrek Stomps Competition

November 25th, 2007

Shrek the Third was the second digitally animated film to debut on top of the sales chart in two weeks. Preliminary numbers have the DVD selling 4.10 million units for $62.42 million in sales. The Thanksgiving holiday delayed full numbers and this could change when final updates are in, although they won't change by enough to drop it out of first place.

Ratatouille slipped to second place with 1.57 million units sold, but that was down just 59.2%, which is better than most number one releases have managed during their second week of release. It was also enough to lift its total sales to 5.43 million units and $81.42 million in sales. Ocean's Thirteen opened in third place, selling just a hair under 800,000 units and taking in $13.59 million in sales. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry has sold 1.85 million units, including 640,000 this past week, increasing its total sales to $31.38 million. Spider-man 3 has been the weakest of the three $300 million hits to reach the home market so far with 3.84 million / $66.41 million in sales; this includes 418,000 units sold this weekend for $6.69 million in weekly sales.

There were a handful of other new releases to chart, starting with the Shrek Trilogy Box Set, which placed 8th with 254,000 units sold and $8.90 million in sales. Amazing Grace earned ninth place with 201,000 units / $3.82 million in sales while Gilmore Girls - The Complete Seventh Season was just behind in tenth place with 148,000 / $5.61 million in sales.

Again, there has been no real buzz around this week's high definition release, Shrek the Third. We know it won on the HD-DVD site while Ratatouille won on the Blu-Ray side and Ocean's Thirteen placed second on both. But there were no numbers given this week due to the holidays, and no hype by the studios, which makes me think the numbers were not great.


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