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DVD Sales - Living for the Home Market

December 3rd, 2007

New releases were not plentiful on the sales chart this week, but they dominated the top five by taking three spots. This includes Live Free or Die Hard in first place with 2.06 million units sold and $35.11 million in total sales. The estimates for Shrek the Third were a little generous last week, but at least it held well during the holidays, selling 1.96 million units for a total of 5.23 million. This is lower than expected as many people are holding off buying DVDs until the Format War has a winner. However, $79.52 million in sales after two weeks is not an insignificant number. Next up was Hairspray with 1.61 million units sold for $32.29 million in revenue. Placing fourth with 1.48 million units and $26.63 million in total sales was The Santa Clause 3 - The Escape Clause, which should have performed better, especially at this time of year. The final film in the top five was Ratatouille, which sold an additional 1.21 million units for a running tally of 6.17 million units sold; this puts the film about a week away from cracking $100 million in home market sales.

There were only two other new releases to chart led by My Friends Tigger & Pooh - Super Sleuth Christmas Movie in 14th place with 539,000 units / $10.78 million in sales. Finally, Rescue Dawn landed in 22nd place with 478,000 units sold, which is amazing for a limited release, and the $9.55 million in revenue was more than it made theatrically.

On a side note, both 300 and The Transformers hit $200 million in sales this week.

Moving onto the Format War, Blu-Ray once again won the week this time by a reported 72% / 28% margin. Likewise, Live Free or Die Hard on Blu-Ray outsold its nearest HD-DVD competitor by a nearly 4:1 ratio. With New Line dipping its toes into Blu-Ray exclusivity, the Format War may be closer to an end.


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