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Globe Winners are Good as Gold

January 24th, 2006

The weekend after the Golden Globe Awards proved to profitable for several of the winners.

Topping the list of winners was Brokeback Mountain, which pulled in four awards. It also saw its weekend haul increase by nearly 35% to $7.8 million, but it is hard to separate how much of that was Globe Bounce and how much was because of its increased theatre count. Granted, had it not been the big winner, it is unlikely that it would have seen its theatre count nearly double over the weekend.

The next big winner was Walk the Line with three awards and a 73% increase. Not only did its overall box office go up, but its per theatre average did as well; not bad for a film in its 10th week of release.

While Transamerica only won the one award, it showed the greatest bounce, shooting up by 248% to $317,000. If it weren't for award season buzz, this film would have likely faded from theatres by now.

Other winners reaping the rewards were Capote, up 108% to $868,000, and Paradise Now, up 61% to $24,000. On the other hand, Syriana, and Memoirs of a Geisha were both too far along in their run to see any bounce, while The Constant Gardener has been out of theatres for weeks now.


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