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Shandy's Start's no Bull

January 31st, 2006

Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story topped the per theatre charts this week after earned more than $60,000 in just 3 theatres for an average of $20,295. The only other regular format film to crack the $10,000 market was Rang De Basanti with and average of $11,503 in 61 theatres, however, it is a niche market film and that usually means steep declines.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a few Per Theatre Charts alumni:

  • Cache had its best weekend of its six-week run hitting $1 million over the weekend in the process.
  • Transamerica made it to $1 million early in the weekend and is already halfway to $2 million with plenty of room to grow.
  • Mrs. Henderson Presents never earned $10,000 per theatres, but it has shown amazing legs and has topped $2 million during its run with plenty of live left in it.
  • The Matador expanded to a semi-wide release and held onto its per theatre average much better than I had expected. That helped it hit $5 million during the weekend, and it is certainly not done.
  • Capote peaked a long time ago, but a string of wins for Philip Seymour Hoffman has keep the film going and helped it earn another milestone as it crossed $15 million over the weekend.
  • Good Night and Good Luck peaked a long time ago, but it still managed to reach $25 million over the weekend and that is an amazing figure for a limited release.


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