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Flightplan Soars to the Top of the Home Market

February 4th, 2006

Flightplan was the clear winner on this week's home market charts taking first on the rental charts with $9.66 million and also finishing first in sales, (as usual, no sales numbers were released).

While Lord of War slipped to second place, its week-to-week decline of just 10% was the best in the top 10 and helped the film add $6.62 million to its total rentals of $14.11 million so far. The only other new release to chart this week was The Fog, which came in third place with $5.32 million. Rounding out the top five were Wedding Crashers and 2 for the Money at $4.89 million and $4.69 million respectively.

As I already stated, there were no other new releases to chart this week, but the overall rental market was still up 2.3% to $159.0 million. However, that figure was still down 9.5% from last year while the year-to-date figure now sits at $641.4 billion, which is down 10.4% from last year's pace.

Flightplan finished atop the sales chart just ahead of the only other newcomer in the top five, The Fog. Wedding Crashers slipped a spot to third ahead of last week's winner, Lord of War. Rounding out the top five was 2 for the Money.

The only other new release to chart was The Aristocrats, which placed seventh. It is unusual for a recent theatrical release to have its DVD place so high on the sales chart without placing on the rental charts at all.

Over on the TV on DVD charts, Family Guy - Volume 3 jumped back into first place ahead of 24 - The Complete Fourth Season, which also saw serious gains. The Time Tunnel - Volume 1 was the first of two new release in the top ten reaching third place. 24 - The Complete First Season remained in fourth place while Firefly - The Complete Series climbed back into the top five.

Dallas - The Complete Fourth Season started its run in sixth place while Arrested Development - The Complete Second Season re-entered the top ten almost four months after it was first released.

The TV on DVD rental charts were nearly identical to last week, however, 24 - The Complete Fourth Season did re-re-regain top spot with $235,000, just head of Lost - The Complete First Season with $232,000. Next up were 24 - Season 1 and Season 3 with $99,000 and $76,000 respectively while Sopranos - The Complete Fifth Season rounded out the top five with $74,000.

While there were no new releases in the top ten, C.S.I. - The Complete Fifth Season shot back into the top ten hitting sixth place with $74,000. Also, Firefly - The Complete Series remained cemented in tenth place with $66,000.

On a related note, the Serenity DVD remained in 13th place on the sales chart during its sixth week of release. The only DVD that is both older and that placed higher on the charts was The 40-Year Old Virgin.


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