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Early Gold for Oscar Nominations

February 7th, 2006

With most of the nominations in the more prestigious categories going to smaller films, the famed Oscar bounce is very important this year. However, the first weekend's results were mixed.

The big winner in terms of nominations was Brokeback Mountain, but it was just flat over the weekend. Of the three six time nominees, Good Night and Good Luck showed the most promise up nearly 740% to $1.5 million, but it also had the widest theatre count of its release. On the other hand, Memoirs of a Geisha was down 40% and Crash has been out of theatres for months now.

Other multi-Award winners to benefit include Walk the Line, which climbed back into the top ten with $3.3 million, up 8.4% from last weekend. Capote saw a much greater increase as 230%, but it also saw a massive increase in theatre count going from 325 theatres to 1,239; even so, one has so assume if the film hadn't earned five nominations it wouldn't have seen its theatre count explode like that. Lastly, Munich was up less than 1% and in that film's case it is too little too late.

Some smaller films benefited as well with Mrs. Henderson Presents up more than 240% to just over $1 million while Transamerica was up 14% to $540,000. In both cases the film's had their best weekend of their respective runs.


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