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Limited Release go for Gold

February 10th, 2006

With the Olympics beginning, four films are coming out on limited release. Actually, only three releases are on this week's list because the other film is a re-release. While there's an interesting mix, I don't expect any to be big break-out hits.

Fallen Idol - Reviews
This is actually a re-release of a film from 1948. It's an excellent movie, but not very well known. The story is about a butler named Baines, but it is told by the point of view of his eight-year old charge, Phillipe. Fallen Idol opens tonight at the Film Forum in New York City.

London - Reviews
The worst-reviewed release of the week, limited or otherwise. The movie is filled with shallow, vain, stupid, self-destructive characters that quickly wear out their welcome. These characters are almost instantly unlikable and most moviegoers simply won't care what happens to them. London opens in more than half-a-dozen theatres including the Angelika Film Center in New York City and the Laemmles Sunset 5 in Los Angeles.

Neil Young: Heart of Gold - Reviews
The best reviewed new movie of the week, this is a concert film featuring Neil Young and a lot of guest musicians including Emmylou Harris and his wife, Pegi Young. Obvious with movies like this, your appreciation for the music will heavily determine whether you enjoy the movie or not, but even the more causal fans will find something to enjoy here. Neil Young: Heart of Gold opens in a handful of theatres including the Arclight Cinemas in Los Angeles and the Varsity in Toronto, Canada.

Through the Fire - Reviews
A documentary about a basketball player and his decision to skip College Hoops and become a Pro. This is the widest limited release of the week, but with a very limited appeal; sports documentaries tend to struggle theatrically as sports fans are not the most avid viewers of documentary cinema. Through the Fire opens in 8 theatres including the IFC Center in New York City.


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