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Flightplan Comes out on Top

February 11th, 2006

For the second week in a row, Flightplan lead the way on the rental charts taking in $8.22 million in DVD rentals. That was down just 15% from its opening, which pushed its total to $18.07 million so far. The next three spots all went to newcomers with The Legend of Zorro being the best of the rest at $6.63 million, which was just ahead of In Her Shoes' $6.54 million. The final newcomer in the top five was The Corpse Bride with $5.71 million, which I would have considered a poor start if it wasn't for its performance on the sales chart, but more on that later. Lastly there's Lord of War with $4.63 million for the week and $18.74 during its three-week run; the film should have no trouble topping its $24.1 million domestic total.

The only other new opener to chart this week was Supercross with just $840,000 and a 35th place finish. However, the most interesting story outside the top ten was Crash as the film re-entered the charts with $1.17 million; that's 52% higher than last week and enough to push its total rentals to $51.22 million. I guess those Oscar Nods really paid off.

The overall rentals this week were $156.8 million, which is 1.4% less from last week and down 7.8% from the same week last year. 2006 is still falling further behind 2005, but not at as fast of a pace, (sometimes you have to take the good news where you can find it), and year-to-date it has taken in $798.2 million.

Over on the sales chart, it was The Corpse Bride that topped the charts ahead of follow newcomers The Legend of Zorro and In Her Shoes. Flightplan was pushed from first to fourth while Wedding Crashers slipped from third to fifth.

The only other new release to chart was Dune - The Extended Edition as the film placed ninth.

It was a bust week the TV on DVD sales charts with four new releases in the top ten, but that didn't stop Family Guy - Volume 3 from remaining in top spot during its tenth week of release. In second place was the first newcomer of the week, Hill Street Blues - The Complete First Season. Next up was 24 - The Complete Fourth Season in third ahead of Magnum P.I. - The Complete Third Season. Rounding out the top five, for the countless time in its two-year run, was Firefly - The Complete Series.

Other newcomers to chart this week were The A-Team - The Complete Third Season in seventh place and in eighth it was a Saturday Night Live release. The chart says it's the The Best of Will Ferrell, but I would assume that was a mistake and the recent Best of Alec Baldwin is the real number nine.

Again, there were little changes on the TV on DVD rental charts this week with the only change in the top five being a flip between first and second. That left Lost - The Complete First Season in first with $226,000 and 24 - The Complete Fourth Season in second with $194,000. I fully expect those two release to change positions again by next week. The rest of the top five were in the same order 24 - Season 1 and Season 3 and Sopranos - The Complete Fifth Season, and they all had nearly the same totals, $111,000, $81,000 and $75,000 respectively.

There were no new releases in the top ten, but there were some interesting developments. Firstly, and 24 - Seaon 2 climbed into sixth place with $72,000. Meanwhile, Firefly - The Complete Series climbed into ninth place with $63,000 and Deadwood - The Complete First Season climbed into tenth with $56,000.

Lastly, Serenity is remaining a story much longer than I thought it would has the DVD continues to chart week after week. This week it did slip to 16th place, but again The 40-Year Old Virgin - Unrated Edition was the only release is both older and that placed higher on the charts.


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