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Another Gold Medal Performance for Bronze

February 15th, 2006

The French film, Les Bronzes Amis Pour la Vie, fell 40% this weekend, but that was still more than enough to finish first on the overall box office charts with $15.68 million on 1019 screens in three markets for an international total of $47.05 million so far. It earned the vast majority of that amount in France where it finished first with $14.37 million on 950 screens over the weekend for a running tally of $43.16 million. The film also finished first in Belgium with $805,000 on 39 screens and in Switzerland with $505,000 on 30 screens; so far it has earned $2.32 million and $1.57 million in those two markets respectively.

Munich remained in second place thanks to openings in a handful of markets with a weekend haul of $10.72 million on 3581 screens in 44 markets for a total of $51.81 million international, which is already ahead of it domestic total. It's biggest opening of the week was South Korea where the film finished third with $1.65 million on 160 screens over the weekend and $2.01 million in total. The film also opened fourth in Sweden with $141,000 on 45 screens and second in Hong Kong with $205,000 on 21.

School holidays in the U.K. helped Chicken Little climb a spot to third with $9.66 million on 2511 screens in 31 markets for an international total of $149.04 million. In the U.K. the film finished first in a very close race with $3.97 million on 511 screens over the weekend and $5.64 million including weekday numbers. It also opened in first place in Denmark with $391,000 on 71 screens over the weekend and $475,000 in total while in slipped to third in Germany with $1.48 million on 780 screens over the weekend and $9.06 million in total.

Walk the Line added nearly 10 more markets this weekend and that helped the film remain flat with $7.18 million on 1689 screens in 33 markets for a two week total of $18.50 million. Most of the new markets were on the smaller side and include $240,000 on 103 screens in Brazil, $209,000 on 50 screens in New Zealand, ($318,000 including previews), $163,000 on 35 screens in Belgium, $111,000 on 58 screens in Taiwan, and $54,000 on 18 in Singapore. Its biggest market over the weekend was the U.K. at $2.01 million on 252 screens, but Germany and Australia weren't far behind at $1.34 million and $1.28 million respectively.

Another film benefiting from Holidays in the U.K. was Big Momma's House 2, which placed third during its opening there with $3.03 million on 309 screens. Overall the film earned $7.15 million on 1908 screens in 17 markets for a three-week total of $22.91 million. Other openings include a third place debut in Russian with $513,000 on 140 screens over the weekend and $574,000 in total. It was not as strong in Denmark where it had to settle for sixth place with $91,000 on 20 screens over the weekend and $115,000 in total. As far as holdovers are concerned, the film biggest market was Spain with $942,000 on 300 screens over the weekend and $5.09 million during its run, while it also performed well in Mexico, ($663,00 on 396 for a $4.85 million total), and Australia, ($439,000 on 187 for a $3.40 million total).


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