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Night Watched

February 22nd, 2006

There is a slight change in the format of the per theatre charts this week with a new section discussing other new releases that didn't make it into the $10,000 club.

The Russian Vampire movie, Nochnoy dozor, a.k.a. Night Watch, opened in first place on the Per Theatre Charts with nearly $87,000 in 3 theatres over the weekend for an per theatre average of $28,995. Next up was the re-release of CSA: The Confederate States of America. When the film was first released it was criminally ignored, but this time it earned $17,803 in its lone theatre, doubling its total box office. Just a fraction behind was the Oscar nominated Sophie Scholl - Die letzten Tage with $17,310, which is a little better than expected and just a bit behind Downfall. Next up were a pair of films that re-entered the charts this weekend, That Man: Peter Berlin and The Fallen Idol. The two earned $14,623 and $12,520 respectively, each in one theatre. The last film to top $10,000 per theatre average was Battle in Heaven with an average of $10,176 in two theatres.

Other new releases to make the top ten include the top two films on the overall box office charts, Eight Below and Date Movie with per theatre averages of $6,585 and $6,587. However, Winter Passing struggled with just over $28,000 in 7 theatres for an average of $4,013. Meanwhile, The Second Chance crashed, with only $200,000 in 87 theatres for a per theatre average of $2,305, which is further proof that Select City releases just don't work.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a few Per Theatre Charts alumni:

  • The World's Fastest Indian was another film that struggled during its Select City release, but it is at least showing some legs. It topped $1 million very early in its run and should reach $2 million within a week or two.
  • Cache saw substantial growth over the weekend, hitting $2 million in the process. It should have little problem making it to $3 million at this pace.
  • Transamerica made it to $3 million midweek before having its best weekend of its run.
  • Mrs. Henderson Presents had the widest release of the its run, and that helped it top $5 million.
  • Match Point has new earned $20 million during its run in limited release while never reaching the top ten. While it is starting to shed theatres, it should still have enough left in it to make it to one or two more milestones.


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