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Lion Reborn on Top of International Charts

March 8th, 2006

Narnia jumped back into first place with $9.76 million on 1887 screens in 35 markets for an international total of $388.34 million. It was able to top the charts thanks to a first place, $8.92 million debut on 780 screens in Japan, including $2.26 million in previews. The film is now 19th on the all time international charts and 23rd on the worldwide charts with China left to go.

Syriana is still expanding and saw its weekend haul grow by 35%, but it still wasn't enough to take the lead. It did stay in second place with $7.83 million on 2098 screens in 36 markets for $18.57 million on the international scene. The film's best opening was in the U.K. where it debuted in second place with $1.51 million on 236 screens for the best per screen average in the top twenty. Meanwhile, it had a nearly identical result in Spain with $1.28 million on 206 and again had the best per screen average in the top ten.

Like the previous film, The Pink Panther saw its weekend haul grow as the result of expansion, but it wasn't as dramatic as it increased by 12% to $5.62 million on 1650 screens in 26 markets for an international total of $19.72 million so far. Most of the markets the film opened in were on the smaller side, markets like Argentina where the film finished in second place with $99,000 on 31 screens and Sweden where it also finished in second place this time with $174,000 on 51 screens. Its best market of the weekend was Spain where the film was down just 18% to $1.70 million on 350 screens for a two-week total of $5.42 million.

Oscar buzz continues to help Brokeback Mountain, which grew to $5.19 million on 1625 screens in 35 markets for a total of $61.21 million. It did open in third place in Mexico with $549,000 on 141 screens for the best per screen average in the top ten and in first place in the Czech Republic with $77,000 on 18 screens. On the other hand, it wasn't as potent in South Korea where it had to settle for seventh with $308,000 on 43 screens. With several more markets to open in and strong, strong legs, the film is far from done and could top its domestic total when all is said and done.

The final film in the top five was Fun with Dick and Jane with $4.33 million on 1997 screens in 48 markets lifting its international total to $80.74 million. Russia was its last major market as the film managed $1.07 million on 274 screens over the weekend and $1.30 million in total. With a few more smaller markets left, the film should have no trouble hitting $200 million worldwide, although its domestic total of $110 million is likely out of reach.


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