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Friends with More Money

April 11th, 2006

Friends with Money easily led the per theatre charts after earning nearly $600,000 in 28 theatres for an average of $21,048. It was the only film to top $10,000 on the per theatre charts, although last week's winner, Brick came awfully close with $9,490 in 21 theatres.

It was another mixed weak for limited releases as the best of the rest was I am a Sex Addict with an average of $5,346 in its two theatres. (On a side note, that film is featured in this week's box office prediction contest, don't forget to enter.) Both Free Zone and White Rainbow did average business with $4,309 and $4,180 respectively. Meanwhile, Sir! No Sir! with $3,774 and On a Clear Day with $3,461 both opened with soft numbers. When Do We Eat? couldn't handle its theatre count, earning an average of just $2,792 in 48 theatres, while Simon earned just $2,453 in its lone theatre. That was still better than 95 Miles to Go, which made just $2,203 in its 2 theatres for an average of $1,102.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a couple Per Theatre Charts alumni:

  • Tsotsi just made it to $2 million over the weekend, but its per theatre average is weak enough that further expansion is unlikely. It should still make it to $3 million, which is a good result for a foreign language film.
  • As I mentioned yesterday, Thank You for Smoking managed to reach the top ten with more than $2 million. This helped it hit another major milestone as it surpassed $5 million over the weekend. Look for it to reach $10 million shortly, and possibly expand enough to no longer be tracked here.


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