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International Top Five - Five for Five

May 3rd, 2006

For the fifth week in a row, Ice Age: The Meltdown top the international charts earning a still impressive $30.01 million on 8374 screens in 57 markets for an international total of $379.61 million after a month of release. The film is starting to lose both theatres and markets and won't be able to top the charts next weekend, but it has already managed more than enough to show a very healthy profit and should reach $600 million worldwide within a couple of weeks. Its best market of the weekend was Italy where it was down a mere 4% to $5.17 million on 544 screens over the weekend and already has $15.31 million in that market. Its best market overall is Germany where the film has earned $54.00 million in four weeks, including $3.47 million on 1093 screens this past weekend.

No major or even midlevel openings sent Scary Movie 4 crashing down 44% to $9.81 million on 2998 screens in 23 markets for an international total of $48.70 million. However, that was enough to take second place in a very close race on the charts and it pushed its running tally passed the final international haul of Scary Movie 3. Repeating as its best market of the weekend was Germany, despite the film falling 52% there to $2.27 million on 661 screens for a two-week total of $7.57 million. Its Italian take wasn't far behind with $2.03 million on 408 screens for a identical $7.57 million two-week total. Next up for the film is some openings in Latin America before hitting France late in June.

Speaking of France, a local film called Camping dominated the market there earning $9.34 million on 574 screens, which was a little more than a third of the total box office haul there. Adding in Belgium, ($278,000 on 13 screens) and Switzerland, ($116,000 on 10) and the film earned a total of $9.74 million on 597 screens in just 3 markets just missing second place on the international charts in the meantime.

The Inside Man continues its slow descent down the international charts earning $6.03 million on 2340 screens in 40 markets. However, it has already brought in $74.73 million internationally and $158.20 million worldwide, so everyone involved is more than happy. It should eventually top its domestic total on the international scene, and might have enough left to reach $100 million, but it has very few markets left to open in to reach that goal.

Silent Hill shot up more than 10 places to fifth with $5.23 million on 842 screens in 8 markets for a very, very early international total of $8.39 million. New openings include a number one placing with $940,000 on 98 screens in Taiwan. It also opened with a pair of fourth place finishes in both France with $1.99 million, (screen count unknown) and in Belgium with $201,000 on 32 screens. Meanwhile in the U.K. it dropped just 31% to $1.25 million on 308 screens for a two-week total of $4.01 million. Given the film's production budget, it would have to make $125 to $150 million worldwide to show a profit before hitting the home market. This seems unlikely, but even if it makes less than $100 million worldwide, it should still make a profit after its initial push into the home market.


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