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Movie Website Updates for June 3rd - June 9

June 9th, 2006

It was a slow week it terms of major updates and that allowed the Fanboy in me to grant The Transformers - Official Site the gloriously premature Weekly Website Award. Let's hope the full site lives up to this title.

Artie Lange's Beer League - Official Site
Just the trailer so far, which is a red-banner trailer, and completely deserves to be one. On the other hand, the film seems to be 50% nudity & swearing and 50% cliches. And since the film has been dumped to September, I think the studio releases that.

Cars - Official Site
A couple more Podcasts were added, as were four clips. The only thing missing now are the video clips for the individual characters.

The Chosen One - Official Site
We are now more than halfway through 2006, but the website still says, "Happy 2005! Updates and info coming soon!" I think the movie might be dead.

Clerks 2 - Official Site
There's nothing new this week on the regular site or the video journal, but over on Kevin Smith's blog, My Boring Ass Life, they have the three posters. I haven't been happy with the way the film has been advertised to far. Don't get me wrong, I'm still excited to see the movie, but I don't think the studio has done enough to reach out to mainstream audiences. Although that poster of Rosario Dawson might do the trick.

The Descent - Official Site
There's a new look to the placeholder site and a new trailer. The trailer is amazingly effective and if the marketing is done right, this could be a surprise hit.

Feast - Official Site
I hate MySpace and I really hate this trend of movies using MySpace as their only movie webiste.

Garfield's A Tale of Two Kitties - Official Site
The flash site is up and it looks a lot like the site for the original. This is both good and bad as the original site was award-worthy, but in the past two years the standards have increased and what was award-worthy then isn't now. On the other hand, the Garfield's Global Soccer is a much more addictive game than it should be and overall it is a better than average site that sells the movie well enough for its target audience.

The Heart of the Game - Official Site
No real changes since the site first went live.

The Holiday - Official Site
Just the trailer so far, which is actually over on Yahoo. The trailer was more effective than I thought it would be, but I'm a sucker for Romantic Comedies.

Journey to the End of the Night - Official Site
Just the production notes and photos so far.

My Country, My Country - Official Site
All the usual features for a documentary are here as well as a few clips.

Nacho Libre - Official Site
The final confessional was added, as was the game and other features. The game was fun, although it was a little easy.

The Omen - Official Site
Too much effort is spent trying to convince me the movie is real and not enough effort trying to convince my the movie is worth paying $10 to see. I hated it when studios do that.

Open Season - Official Site
There's a new trailer on the site, but while it is better than the first, I'm still not sold on the movie.

A Prairie Home Companion - Official Site
No real changes in a while.

Ratatouille - Official Site
Just the teaser trailer so far, which is about a hundred times better than most teaser trailers. Most teaser trailers are just about getting the base excited; this one, on the other hand, gives enough information that you actually have a clue as to what the film is about as well as the tone and style. Very well done.

Scoop - Official Site
The site just re-directs you to the Focus movie site, but the trailer is online and can be found here.

Strangers With Candy - Official Site
The cast & crew bios were added this week.

Superman Returns - Official Site
The cast & crew bios were added this week, as were the production notes.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - Official Site
The flash site launched this week, but there's not much here. There are a couple of extras, including a racing game that's fun to play. But nothing here that makes it stand out.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning - Official Site
Just the history, photos, and a trailer that you can only watch from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. Since this column as to be up before then, I won't have time to give my impression of the trailer till next week. One last note, the people who made this site obviously don't know what, "Sound off" means because clicking that will only turn the music off and the loud bursts of sound still happen.

The Transformers - Official Site
There's a new placeholder site this week and even though there's not content outside the intro, I'm awarding it the metamorphosing Weekly Website Award, because I'm that much of a Fanboy.

Waist Deep - Official Site
The flash site is up, but so far the there's not much content here. But there is a section marked coming soon so that will change. On a side note, there is a heavy emphasis on the music, which is nice.

Wordplay - Official Site
The crossword puzzle is up, but it's much harder than it should be because a one site didn't have all the clues.


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