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International Details - Re-Volving Door

June 11th, 2006

The final weekend before the start of World Cup saw Volver become the latest best of the rest finishing sixth with $4.46 million on 863 screens in 5 markets for a total of $27.25 million. The film was again led by its performance in France where it grew for the second week in a row up 14% to $3.02 million on 404 screens for a total of $9.09 million while in Italy it grew by 28% to $1.44 million on 268 screens for a total of $5.61 million after three weeks. In both of those markets the film is on pace to top such worldwide blockbusters as Mission: Impossible 3, something nobody would have predicted before the start of the summer. Even more impressively, it is about a week away from France becoming the film's most lucrative market topping the $11.94 million it made in its native Spain.

  • Despite growing by 10%, The Wild slipped a spot to seventh this weekend with $3.53 million on 1708 screens in 29 markets for an international total of $43.14 million. This growth was do mostly to its third place opening in Germany where it managed $1.22 million on 507 screens, which is a low screen count for the market considering the type of film. The film did hold on reasonably well in the U.K. down 38% to $1.21 million on 439 screens for a two-week total of $6.31 million.
  • Limit Of Love: Umizaru remained in second place in Japan but slipped 28% to $3.13 million on 315 screens for a total of $46.81 million after a month of release.
  • Fanaa saw growth this week as it climbed into 9th place with $2.51 million on 439 screens in 17 markets for a two-week total of $11.33 million. However, its two biggest non-Indian international markets saw serious drop-offs. In the U.K. it was down 53% to $363,000 on 37 screens, but still earned the best per screen average in the top ten while in Australia it was down 42% to $54,000 on 9 screens for a $187,000 total.
  • United 93 started its international run with middling results earning $2.41 million on 534 screens in 4 markets. Its biggest market was the U.K. where it opened in fifth place with $1.16 million on 276 screens while it best opening was its fourth place opening in Germany with $928,000 on 197 screens.
  • Marie Antoinette fell out of the top ten with $1.84 million on 430 screens in 3 markets for a two-week total of $5.33 million. In France the film earned $2.17 million on 402 screens, but that was obviously for the full week.
  • Camping added another $1.78 million on 532 screens in 3 markets to its international total of $39.73 million, $37.00 million of which has come from France.
  • Take the Lead remained in 13th place with $1.55 million on 487 screens in 12 markets for a total of $18.88 million. The film's only new opening of the week was in Holland, but it only managed 8th place there with $47,000 on 30 screens. On the other hand, the film was down a mere 20% in Australia with $846,000 on 128 screens for a two-week total of $2.29 million.
  • Scary Movie 4 opened in Brazil with $815,000 on 150 screens and that helped it climb to 14th place with $1.35 million on 620 screens
  • Date Movie shot back onto the charts thanks to its fifth place, $781,000 debut on 348 screens in German; however, this is a really bad start in that market since the Germans tend to embrace low-bow humor. Overall the film made $1.23 million on 451 screens in 7 markets for a total of $30.34 million internationally.
  • Memories Of Matsuko had the best week-to-week drop-off in the top ten in Japan down 20% to $1.15 million on 224 screens for a $4.40 million total.
  • Ice Age: The Meltdown had the worst week-to-week performance on the charts down 54% and 8 places falling to $1.12 million on 1618 screens in 9 markets. But this is not surprising since the film is so far into its international run, a run that has netted the film $438.98 million after ten weeks.
  • City Of Violence was the highest ranking local film in South Korea at just fifth place, which is very unusual for that market. On the other hand, every film from 5th to 10th was a local film. Over the weekend it earned $1.12 million on 236 screens for a two-week total of $5.39 million.
  • Asterix and the Vikings fell just 26% this week to $1.04 million on 931 screens in 9 markets for a total of $18.29 million. The highlight of the week was a third place, $300,000 opened on 80 screens in Denmark.
  • R.V. proved to be a surprise hit Stateside, but it is unlikely to transfer that success to the international market. This past weekend it got its first shot earning $1.02 million on 304 screens in 9 markets. Its biggest and best market was Australia, but the film could do no better than 5th place with $740,000 on 181 screens while in Italy it barely made the top ten with $213,000 on 92 screens over the weekend and $238,000 in total.
  • Hoodwinked! returned to the charts with $1.00 million on 257 screens in 6 markets lifting its international total to $20.73 million. The vast majority of that came from Italy where the film opened in fifth place with $722,000 on 163 screens.
  • Memories Of Tomorrow slipped a spot in Japan to fifth with $947,000 on 264 screens for a total of $12.99 million after four weeks of release.
  • Silent Hill again tumbled down the charts this week losing 9 places. Overall the film made $857,000 on 720 screens in 14 markets for a total of $27.51 million. The film doesn't have another major opening until after the Word Cup is over, which is a good marketing decision. However, this means it will likely fall off the charts before then.
  • Comme T'y Es Belle added another $847,000 on 366 screens in 3 markets for a total of $7.17 million. This week it earned $1.06 million on 350 screens in France for a $7.03 million total, but that was for the full week.
  • Goal! fell 39% during its second weekend in Japan, which is a very steep decline compared to historical norms in that market. It did manage to add $775,000 on 401 screens for a total of $2.92 million in the market and $22.47 million internationally. The film's box office in this market should soon overtake the $3.72 million it earned in the U.K. making Japan the film's best market.
  • When A Stranger Calls reclaimed a spot on the charts thanks to its third place, $704,000 debut on 250 screens in Spain. That was the vast majority of the film's $762,000 overall total earned on 378 screens in 12 markets and helped lift its total to $11.26 million.
  • Failure To Launch also climbed back into the charts with $745,000 on 377 screens in 25 markets for a total of $36.70 million. The was partially due to its third place, $130,000 opening on 12 screens in Taiwan.
  • The Transporter 2 finished its international run nearly a year after it started with a seventh place, $741,000 debuton 172 screens in Japan. It is unlikely to last long in that market, but with $41.73 million internationally, it has already made enough to be a financial success.
  • Monopoly opened in sixth place in South Korea with $736,000 on 171 screens over the weekend and $1.23 million in total.
  • The Benchwarmers opened in both the U.K. and Mexico but bombed in both markets. In Mexico it managed $182,000 on 150 screens for a fifth place finish while in the U.K. it missed the top ten with just $76,000 on 96 screens. Overall the film made an anemic $697,000 on 445 screens in 6 markets for a total of just $2.43 million. Part of the reason for this is Baseball is not that popular outside the United States, but the main reason is it is a really bad movie.
  • Green Street Hooligans opened in eighth place in France with $577,000 on 152 screens, which is more than it earned in total here.
  • A Prairie Home Companion opened in Italy a week before it opened in the States earning a sixth place finish with $480,000 on 115 screens. On the one had, films like this usually excel in Italy; on the other hand, it is likely that very few people in Italy have ever heard of the radio show it is based on.


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