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International Top Five - Cup Crushes Competition

June 14th, 2006

The world's attention is focused on the World Cup, except for in the United States, which only has three days left till they are eliminated. This caused a huge drop in box office revenue in most markets, but The Da Vinci Code still led with a strong $22.05 million on 9889 screens in 65 markets for a total of $453.40 million on the international stage. That ranks it 16th internationally while its $640.28 million worldwide puts it ahead of The Passion of the Christ, among others, and into 27th place on the All Time Charts. The film is still leading in a few major markets including Germany at $1.29 million on 905 screens over the weekend and $41.69 million in total and Italy at $1.50 million on 645 screens for a total of $32.90 million. However, both those markets are also football-crazed, which led to drop-offs of 72% and 79% respectively. Its best market over the weekend and overall is Japan where it was down just 25% to $4.45 million on 767 screens for a total of $55.53 million after four weeks of release.

The Omen took a huge risk opening on 6/6/06, granted, that date helped the film a lot, but opening the same weekend as the World Cup was suicide. Overall the film made $31.46 million on 4840 screens in 67 markets from Tuesday through Sunday, but only $18.58 million of that came from the weekend putting it into second place. This does mean the film was not quite as front-loaded as the film was domestically, but it still indicates pretty weak legs. It did open first in a couple of markets like The U.K. with $1.73 million on 347 screens over the weekend and $3.86 million in total and Russia with $1.51 million on 335 screens over the weekend and $2.96 million in total. But its best first place debut came in Mexico at $2.20 million on 580 screens over the weekend and $3.91 million in total. It did have to settle for second place in a couple of surprising places like Spain where a high Catholic population and a love of horror films should have made it a slam dunk for first place, but it only managed second place with $1.48 million on 280 screens over the weekend and $2.02 million in total.

X-Men: The Last Stand took the biggest hit in the top five down 61% to $13.27 million on 7001 screens in 59 markets for a three-week total of $160.61 million, which if you ignore the decimal point and the dollar sign, is a palindrome. (I bet you don't get that kind of insight on other movie sites.) The film topped $1 million in a few markets including the U.K. at $1.62 million on 470 screens over the weekend and $29.66 million in total, as well as Mexico with $1.21 million on 802 screens over the weekend and $13.83 million in total. After all is said and done, the film should top $200 million internationally and $400 million worldwide, but that's the last two major milestones in its future.

Poseidon is less than a week from topping its domestic run on the international stage after taking in $10.34 million on 3326 screens in 24 markets for a running tally of $54.90 million. At this pace it could break $200 million worldwide, which won't be enough for a profit, but might save someone's job. More good news, the film remained in first place in South Korea with $2.19 million on 285 screens over the weekend and $11.06 million in total and in China with $1.1 million on 369 screens over the weekend and $5.3 million in total. On the other hand, it was down 64% in the U.K. to $891,000 on 445 screens for a total of $4.37 million while it plummeted 66% in Italy to just $618,000 on 328 screens over the weekend and $3.16 million in total.

Cars started its international run in just six markets, but finished first in all of them earning a combined $5.37 million on 508 screens. That was enough to capture fifth place and give the film the best per screen average in the top five. Its biggest market was Australia at $3.23 million on 370 screens while it took in $452,000 on 81 screens in New Zealand. Elsewhere it made $510,000 on 50 screens in Singapore, $420,000 on 50 in Malaysia, $400,000 on 16 in Taiwan, and $325,000 on 40 in the Philippines. In all of those markets the film was below both The Incredibles and Finding Nemo, except in Malaysia where it set a record for a Pixar opening.


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