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Home Market Numbers - Building Blocks of Success

June 24th, 2006

16 Blocks shared the top of the charts with The Pink Panther. 16 Blocks led on the rental charts $6.85 million to $6.55 million, but the two films finished in opposite order on the sales charts. Firewall slipped one spot to third with $5.67 million for the week and $13.56 million after two; its 27% drop-off was the best in the top five. On the other hand, Underworld: Evolution plummeted 42% to $5.02 million lifting its total to $13.80 million, also after two week. The final film in the top five was Glory Road also in its sophomore stint pulling in $3.83 million for a $9.41 million total so far.

Just missing the top five was Aquamarine with $3.18 million, which is low even compared to its domestic run; however, this is an expected result given its younger demographic as they tend to buy, not rent. A quartet of limited releases also started their home market runs this week with Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang leading the way in 11th place with $2.02 million, or nearly half of what it earned theatrically while The World's Fastest Indian opened in 17th place with $1.54 million. Coming in 21st and 22nd places respectively were End of the Spear and Dave Chappelle's Black Party. The two film's home market numbers, ($1.39 million and $1.34 million), were disappointing, but at least with the latter film, it made up with much stronger sales numbers.

There was another slight decline in the overall numbers as they were down 0.9% to $151.0 million, but that was up an astonishing 11.8% from the same weekend last year. Year-to-date 2006 has now brought in $3.7 billion in total rentals, up 0.8% on last year's pace. This isn't enough to compensate for inflation, but it is still quite a turnaround from earlier in the year.

As already stated, The Pink Panther led the sales chart with 16 Blocks coming in second. This pushed Underworld: Evolution into third place during its second weekend of release, but it was the only holdover in the top five. Fourth place went to Dave Chappelle's Black Party, nearly 20 places higher than it finished on the rental charts. The final film in the top five was Aquamarine; given its overall start on the home market, the film should start earning a profit very shortly.

The World's Fastest Indian just beat out Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang as the two films opened in 12th and 13th place while End of the Spear barely made the top 20 finishing in 18th place.

There were no new releases in the top five on the TV on DVD charts, but three of the top five made their return to the charts, sometimes years after their initial release. For the fourth week in a row, High School Musical remained in top spot on the TV on DVD sales charts while placing 9th on the overall charts. The first returning title to the charts was Band of Brothers, which was originally releases in 2002. Entourage - The Complete Second Season slipped a spot to third. 24 - Season 1 climbed into fourth place almost four years after its initial release. Finally Beavis & Butt-head - The Mike Judge Collection - Volume 1 was reported to be in fifth place, but I suspect it was actually Volume 2 that finished in fifth place.


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