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Royalty Rule the Per Theatre Chart

October 3rd, 2006

The Queen was crowned champion of the per theatre charts this weekend after it earned an astounding $122,000 in 3 theatres for an average of $40,671. Even more impressive is the fact that it earned that in just two days as Friday's debut was actually part of the New York Film Festival and not a theatrical release. Second place went to another regally titled film, The Last King of Scotland; this film brought in $143,000 in 4 theatres for an average of $35,725. Even more impressive is the fact that it opened on Wednesday, which undoubtedly kept its weekend box office lower than it otherwise would have been. Both films seemed poised to earn some measure of mainstream success, which will really help their chances come awards season. There were two other films to top $10,000 on the per theatre charts, Old Joy at $13,029 and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints at $11,848.

There was a huge drop-off in the box office results for the rest of the limited releases with Broken Sky earning $4,956 in its lone theatre. Next up was Facing the Giants, which performed adequately taking in $1.3 million in 441 theatres, but I can't imagine many theatre owners are looking at its $3,047 per theatre average and are eager to book it. The rest of the releases really struggled with LoudQuietLoud: A Film About The Pixies earning just $1,264, Be With Me earning $1,200 and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde failing to crack $1,000 at just $637.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a few Per Theatre Charts alumni:

  • The Science of Sleep had a massive expansion and it was able to crack the $1 million mark over the weekend. Where will it go from here? Well, its per theatre average is good, but not good enough to warrant another massive expansion, although it might add a few more theatres. However, regardless of what happens with its theatre count, I think the studio should be very happy with the results so far.
  • Half Nelson made it to $2 million over the weekend and is still going strong making $3 million within reach.
  • Another week, another milestone for the The Illusionist. This time it topped $30 million over the weekend, putting it just a day away from overtaking United 93 on the yearly charts.


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