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Click Wins Close Contest

October 28th, 2006

Despite a glut of new releases Click was able to remain on the top of the rental charts. This week it dipped just 20% to $9.03 million over the week and $20.54 million after two. The best of the newcomers was very close behind as The Break-Up grabbed second place with $8.77 million. Next up were another pair of other new releases with The Omen $5.70 million and Over the Hedge with $5.63 million. For that latter film it is a low compared to its theatrical total, but this is common for kids movies. The final film in the top five was The Lake House as the film fell just 25% to $3.73 million for the week and $22.78 million after nearly a month of release.

American Dreamz was the only real theatrical release and it started its home run in 14th place with $1.37 million. The rest of the newcomers to chart were direct-to-DVD releases, almost. Feast was practically a direct-to-DVD releases as it only played 2 midnight showings theatrically but that might have helped its start on the home market as it placed 17th with $1.23 million. Up next was Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil in 20th place with $1.06 million while Rest Stop placed 24th with $920,000, (it was not stated if that was R-rated, Unrated or a combination of the two). Finally we have Hard Luck in 27th place with $830,000. I don't remember a week where there was ever this many direct-to-DVD releases to place this high on the charts. I'm not sure if this is an anomaly or a paradigm shift, but if it is the latter it could be a very interesting time in the movie industry.

The only good news this week with regards to the overall rental market was the bad news wasn't as bad as it could have been. Week-to-week we saw a gain of 10.3% to $138.9 million; however, that was still 4.8% lower than the same week last year. Year-to-date 2006's running tally hit $6.2 billion, up 0.6% from last year's pace.

Leading the way on the sales chart was Over the Hedge with an estimated $65 million in sales, which would indicate sales of roughly 3 million units. Second place went to The Break-Up just ahead of last week's number one Click. The Little Mermaid - Two-Disc Special Edition is the oldest film in the top five as it placed fourth during its third week of release. The last film in the top five was The Omen.

The best of the rest on the sales chart was Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil as it placed 10th while Feast placed 11th. Next up is a film called Omen 666 in 13th, which was the original name for The Omen, so I assume a lot of people who bought Omen 666 meant to pick up The Omen. 15th place went to Rest Stop with Charmed - The Complete Sixth Season one place back. Rounding out the top 20 was Reds - 25th Anniversary Edition.

Charmed - The Complete Sixth Season was the top seller on the TV on DVD charts, but unfortunately, that's the only placing we have as the rest of the information wasn't released. Hopefully next week we'll have next week's and this week's top five.


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