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Limited Releases - F is for Flop

November 10th, 2006

There is an uneven mix of movies coming out in limited release this week. There are a few that have box office potential for this weekend, Copying Beethoven, F*CK and Fur, but none seem destined to have long term success in the cards.

Cautiva - Reviews
Gaston Biraben's directorial debut earned excellent reviews in its native Argentina, and more than a few awards. Part coming of age and part political drama with both sides working equally well. Films from Argentina have been earning a strong following here in recent years, and Gaston Biraben could have a long career if this film is any indication.

Cave of the Yellow Dog - Reviews
Written and directed by Byambasuren Davaa, who previously brought us Story of the Weeping Camel. Like the previous film, this one is gorgeously shot, but has an even more compelling story. Cave of the Yellow Dog opens tonight at the Angelika Film Center in New York City.

Coffee Date - Reviews
As a practical joke, Barry sets up his straight brother, Todd, on a blind date with Kelly, a gay man. To get revenge, these two men decide to pretend the date went really, really well. But when this joke goes overboard and Barry is convinced is brother really is gay, Todd's life gets turned upside down. This is a good initial starting place, but poor execution hurt the end product.

Come Early Morning - Reviews
The directorial debut Joey Lauren Adams, who is probably best known for acting in Kevin Smith films. The transition from acting to directing is not often smooth, so it is a pleasant surprise that the film is earning such good reviews. On the other hand, it is very like that the film's theatre count of 22 is just too high for the film to handle. I think it should do well enough to expand a little, but it won't be able to escape its limited release roots. Come Early Morning opens tonight in 22 theatres, mostly in California, New York, New Jersey

Copying Beethoven - Reviews
One look at the film and it is clear that this film was made to win Oscars. One look at the reviews and it is clear this won't happen. There are several problems including a bad script, bad directing, overacting, and more. The film's only real saving grace is the music. Copying Beethoven opens tonight in 28 theatres in select cities nationwide.

F*CK - Reviews
A documentary for those who find most documentaries too academic. The film is earning a lot of advanced buzz, which is good because you won't see a whole lot of advertisements. How do you market a movie when you can't even print the name in most papers? F*CK opens tonight at the Quad Cinema in New York City and the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles.

Fur - Reviews
I think it would be apt to compare this film to Birth, and not just for the Nicole Kidman connection. The film's subject is difficult enough to attract art house aficionados while being challenging enough to impress Oscar voters. However, the reviews are simply too weak to succeed in either area. Even so, there is a good chance that the film could win the per theatre chart races as it should draw in the curious. Fur opens tonight in 4 theatres in New York City and the Los Angeles area.

Iraq in Fragments - Reviews
A documentary look at post-war Iraq and how the three distinct ethnic groups there are dealing with the situation. It's a great movie, but I think the weekend after the election, Americans might be politiced-out for a bit. Iraq in Fragments opens tonight at the Film Forum in New York City.

Maple Palm - Reviews
A lesbian couple lives with the secret that one of them is an illegal alien and the constant fear that that she could be deported at any time. The film takes a look at two important political issues, but is too ham-fisted to be persuasive. Maple Palm opens tonight at the Laemmles Grande 4-Plex in Los Angeles.

Night of the Living Dead 3D - Reviews
A remake of the classic zombie flick by George A. Romero, but it's in 3-D! It's not as bad as that sound. It is also not good either. Solidly mediocre. Had the film come out the weekend before Halloween, it could have been a bit of a cult hit, but now that it's opening in 300 or so theatres across the United States and Canada, it will struggle just to pay for its P&A.


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