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Home Market is Super, Man!

December 9th, 2006

Superman Returns led a group of four new releases, all of which placed in the top ten. It was the clear winner after taking in $12.95 million during its first week of release, which was one of the best debuts of the year. Ice Age: The Meltdown slipped to number two with $8.02 million for the week and $18.28 after two while The Da Vinci Code was very close behind with $7.90 million. The next new release was Clerks II as it placed surprisingly well in fourth with $5.93 million. The final film in the top five was Cars with $4.94 million for the week and $27.95 million in total.

The other two new releases to chart were The Ant Bully in seventh with $4.66 million and See No Evil in ninth with $3.79 million.

Superman Returns was also the leader on top of the sales chart more than doubling the sales of second place Ice Age: The Meltdown. Two more digitally animated films were next with Cars topping The Ant Bully. Clerks II was the final film in the top five, which is strange since most assumed the Fanboy Effect would result in better sales than rentals.

The best of the rest was See No Evil in seventh place. A pair of TV movies came in 9th and 10th with Molly - An American Girl on the Home Front topping The Cheetah Girls 2 - Cheetah-Licious Edition. Superman - Ultimate Collector's Edition placed 12th, just ahead of Robin Hood - Most Wanted Edition.

One last note, Superman Returns led both the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD charts this week.


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