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International Top Five - Casino's Straight Continues

December 14th, 2006

A busy week for new releases didn't stop Casino Royale earning its fourth first place finish in a row with $35.68 million on 4688 screens in 63 markets for a total of $246.65 million. The film opened in 10 new markets (and setting franchise records in each). This included Australia where the film's $5.42 million on 401 screens was more than the rest of the market combined and was equally dominate in New Zealand with $827,000 on 92 screens. The film wasn't as fortunate in Mexico where it had to settle for second place with $1.49 million on 564 screens, which was just $30,000 behind the by box office champ. Speaking of close races, the film was knocked out of top spot in the U.K. with $5.39 million on 495 screens, also falling victim to Happy Feet in a very close battle. So far the film has made $82.52 million in that one market, and with Christmas on its way it is heading for $100 million and the year's best box office there. Overall the film is rapidly closing in on Die Another Day international final tally of $271 million; in fact, it should get there by this time next week. However, it is also likely that this time next week it will no longer be in top spot on the international charts.

Happy Feet had its best weekend total of its run so far, but it was still not enough to finish any higher than second place. The film earned first place in a trio of major markets led by the U.K. where it opened with $5.44 million on 445 screens over the weekend and $7.25 million in total. Other first places include Spain at $2.77 million on 480 screens over the weekend in Spain and $4.61 million in total as well as $1.52 million on 606 screens in Mexico. On the other hand, the film had to settle for third place in France with an estimated $2 million over the weekend and $2.4 million in total while it earned second place in neighboring Belgium with $531,000 on 126 screens over the weekend and $827,000 in total. Overall the film added $20.97 million on 5273 screens in 35 markets for a total of $40.26 million.

Flushed Away slipped to third with $10.46 million on 3475 screens in 32 markets for a total of $36.75 million. The film struggled in its debut in Germany ranking third with $1.35 million on 691 screens while it was crushed in the U.K. down 61% to $2.40 million on 470 screens for a two-week total of $9.39 million.

The Holiday made its international debut in fourth place with $10.09 million on 1090 screens in 10 markets for a per screen average of $9.256. That's the best in the top five and the second best in the top 30. Nearly half of the film's weekend total came from the U.K. where it debuted in third place with $4.62 million on 428 screens over the weekend and $5.56 million in total. It was not as fortunate in Spain with a fifth place, $1.55 million opening on 295 screens over the weekend and $2.60 million in total. Its final significant market was Russia where it earned an estimated $1 million on 227 screens over the weekend and $1.5 million in total.

The Departed only had one opening this weekend, but it was a good one as the film debuted in second place in Germany with $2.31 million on 434 screens. The film also remained in second place in France with an estimated $2.1 million for a two week total of $7.1 million. Those two markets represented more than half of the film's $8.14 million weekend haul, a haul that was earned on 2495 screens in 35 markets and helped lift its total of $104.98 million. The film is already Martin Scorsese's biggest hit worldwide and it is also closing in on Gangs of New York for his biggest international hit. Now only if it could win him that illusive Oscar.


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