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Twelve Takes Top Spot

January 12th, 2005

The race for first in the international marketplace continued to be close with three films within a couple million of each other. Leading the way was Ocean's Twelve with $17.5 million on 5200 screens in 54 markets; the film's international total now sits at $137 million, slightly more than half of what Ocean's Eleven finished with. The heist film did open well in several markets, which mostly balances out severe drop-offs due to the post-holiday. For instance, the film opened well in South Korea with $2.1 million on 150 screens and debuted in first place in Argentina, ($500,000), Portugal, (with $720,000) and in the Philippines, ($370,000.)

Alexander finally had its first massive opening in the international marketplace; in Spain the film took in $5.4 million over the weekend and $6.9 million since it opened there on Wednesday. On the other hand, the film generated less brisk business in France with $3.9 million and was very soft in the U.K. with just $1.9 million. Overall the film did bring in $16.9 million on 3000 screens in 35 markets for an international total of $66.3 million and a worldwide total of just north of $100 million.

Dropping to third place last weekend was The Incredibles, but Pixar still had reason to celebrate as the film became just the fourth animated film to cross $300 million internationally, a feat the film accomplished late last week. Over the weekend the film earned $15.3 million and now sits at $315.7 million internationally and $570.5 million worldwide.

National Treasure also reached a milestone this week as it made it to $100 million internationally over the weekend. With $14.2 million on 3900 screens in 34 markets over the weekend, the film now has $103.2 million internationally thanks in part to its $1.5 million opening in Russia and $875,000, first place debut in Belgium.

A first place, $4.3 million opening in Italy helped Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason pop back into the top five with $7.5 million on 2000 screen in 25 markets. With a running tally of $188 million internationally, the film is now just a couple of weeks away from $200 million internationally.

Other highlights on the international scene include:

  • The Grudge opened first in Brazil with $1.1 million and second in Italy with $2.0 million, ($3.6 million including previews.) Over the weekend the film earned $6.1 million lifting its international box office to $32.8 million after opening in just 14 markets.
  • It may have dropped out of the top five, but Kung Fu Hustle is still earning impressive box office numbers with $5.5 million this weekend on 1100 screens in 8 markets for a $47 million running tally.
  • Meet the Fockers made $5.1 million over the weekend, thanks in large part to its $1.9 million, first place debut in Mexico. The film is still very early in its run, but as already racked up $19.6 million in just four markets so far.
  • So far Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events box office has been disappointing, however it is still moving toward profitability with $4.5 million this weekend on 1500 screens in 8 markets. Internationally the film has made $42 million, more than half of that coming from the U.K.
  • Next on the list is SpongeBob Squarepants with $3.8 million, including $1.25 million opening in Australia and $440,000 opening in New Zealand.
  • Polar Express is wrapping up its international run adding $3.8 million over the weekend to its $109.5 million total.
  • White Noise led the way in the U.K. bringing in $2.7 million on 314 screens. A stronger than expected start that mimics the film’s domestic debut.
  • Blade: Trinity may have failed to live up to its predecessors domestically, but that’s not the case on the international scene. This week the film earned $2.3 million on 1200 screen in 14 markets to lift its early figure to $32.6 million. The film has already passed or is close to passing the previous films in several markets, including the U.K., France, Australia and South Korea. This week the film opened in four, mostly smaller markets, and it did extremely well placing first in Denmark with $420,000, Greece with $400,000, The Philippines with $200,000 and Israel with $60,000.
  • After two weeks of limited release in the U.K., The Aviator finally opened wide with $2.3 million on nearly 300 screens, good enough for third place. This is a good result, but not great.
  • Shrek 2 continued its run in Italy earning $1.7 million there and now has $24.8 million in the market, 474.7 million internationally and $911.2 million worldwide.
  • House of Flying Daggers opening in limited release in Germany with $700,000 on 156 screens, which is just less than the film took in during its third weekend in the U.K. The $800,000 earned in that market pushed its total there to $5.1 million, which is more than the film earned domestically.
  • Ladder 49 managed a third place, $1.3 million debut in Australia.
  • Downfall, the controversial German film about the life of Adolf Hitler, earned an impressive $36.4 million in Germany during its run, and this weekend opening in France with $1.2 million on just 150 screens giving the film the best per screen average in the top ten.
  • Racing Stripes opened in Australia a week ahead of its domestic debut. However, the film could manage no better than a fifth place, $1.1 million opening on 227 screens.
  • Ray opening in limited release in Germany over the weekend, its first international market. The biopic managed to grab a spot in the top ten with $890,000 on 108 screens for an impressive per theatre average.

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