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Latest Anime Flick Hits the States

January 14th, 2005

One of the three limited releases this week is the latest Anime film hoping to crack the domestic market. And while the film is the widest limited release, it is unlikely to make the most impact.

Alexandra’s Project - Reviews
Opening in just 3 theatres, this import from Australia is the only new release this week, limited or wide, to receive overall positive reviews. The film has an excellent set-up, with a husband returning from work after receiving a promotion looking forward to a surprise birthday party. When he gets home his house is deserted with just a tape labeled, ‘Play Me’ to be found. The tape starts off well with his wife and kids wishing him happy birthday, but it wakes a sudden sinister turn.

Appleseed - Reviews
The widest limited release of the week opening in 31 theatres. Paradoxically, it is also the worst reviewed limited release of the week. Part of the problem is the combination of Digital Animation and more traditional forms of animation, which offers a jarring visual style. Adding to the problem is the confused story and hollow dialogue resulting in a less than satisfying experience.

Les Choristes - Reviews
This film was a massive hit in its home market of France selling more than 7 million tickets, about equivalent to a $200 million hit stateside. The film has already been nominated for a Golden Globe and is in contention for an Oscar nomination, but its reviews are merely average. The problem with the film is simple, it is a formulaic, ‘Inspirational Teacher’ story along the lines of Mr. Holland’s Opus. Had the film been a little more daring it could have risen above the genre, especially considering the caliber of actors involved.

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