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Competition Going Down

February 18th, 2005

Oscar Nominees go against porn stars as another eclectic group of films vie for moviegoers' attention in the competitive limited release market.

Bigger Than the Sky - Reviews
When Peter Rooker is dumped by his girlfriend, he auditions at the local theatre group to hoping to get a small part. But when he lands the lead roll in their production of Cyrano de Bergerac, he lands in the middle of a group of eccentric actors and finds the real drama is behind the scenes. This is a movie with a lot of really good ingredients, but unfortunately they didn't come together well and the end result is cliched and dull, according to the reviews.

Downfall - Reviews
This controversial film was the first German film to put a more human face on Adolf Hitler. The film is nominated for an Oscar for best foreign language film and deservedly so. However, the subject matter combined with the subtitles will limit the film's audience.

Harry and Max - Harry and Max
The film deals with a very shocking and disturbing subject matter of incest between brothers, but does so in a way that is neither compelling nor convincing. It opens tonight at the Quad Cinema in New York City.

Imaginary Heroes - Reviews
After having a short, Oscar-qualifying run a couple of months ago, this film finally gets its normal release. Unfortunately, for all the great potential, including a stellar cast, the movie is unlikely to do any better this time around.

Mystery of the Nile - Reviews
The latest IMAX film documents the grueling 114-day journey filmmakers took traveling down the Nile from source to sea, all 3250 miles of it. Rapids, crocodiles, hippos, sandstorms, etc. all conspire to against them while making this a very interesting movie.

Naked Fame - Reviews
A documentary about a gay porn star who quits the business to become a Rock'n'Roll star. Probably the most interesting aspect of the movie is the realization that in terms of exploitation, the Music Industry isn't all that different from the Porn business.

Schultze Gets the Blues - Reviews
After getting laid off from his job, Schultze is despondent and filled with angst; that is until he hears zydeco music on the radio. Instantly drawn to this new sound he travels with his accordion to Louisiana to be with the music. After a very successful festival tour (including winning many major awards), the film opens in four theaters tonight, and will hopefully expand in the coming weeks.

Turtles Can Fly - Reviews
The best reviewed new film of the week, Turtles Can Fly was also Iran's entry into the Oscar competition. The film tells the story of a 13-year-old boy nicknamed Satellite who is the leader of a group of children in Iraq. They sweep and dig up mines, which they then sell. On the evening of the Iraqi invasion, he meets and falls in love with a girl who has seen her share of tragedy as well. The film opens in four theaters in New York City and Los Angeles tonight.

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