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Upside to Limited Releases

March 11th, 2005

Among the half a dozen films on this week list, there are a few that have a legitimate shot at widespread, mainstream success. Millions will probably top the per theater charts, while The Upside of Anger begins its short run in limited release before going wide in a couple of weeks.

The Boys & Girls from County Claire - Reviews
Colm Meany is one of my favorite character actors and he really should be getting more work. Two brothers, Bernard Hill and the aforementioned Colm Meany, have a heated competition to win the All Irish Band Competition and will stop at nothing to make sure the other doesn't win. A fun film that is bolstered by its infectious charm and fans of Celtic music should flock to the film. It probably should have opened next Thursday (St. Patrick's Day), but opens tonight in seven theaters in Boston, Chicago and New York.

Dot the I - Reviews
Set in London, the film tells the story of a flamenco dancer torn between her safe and comfortable relationship with her fiancée and the passion she felt during an illicit kiss with a stranger. This tale of a love triangle is getting merely mixed reviews with many critics complaining about the lack of emotions or chemistry. The film opens tonight in the NuArt Theater in Los Angeles before expanding during the coming weeks and months.

In My Country - Reviews
What could have been a great film on an emotional topic is hampered by a banal script and wooden characters. The film looks at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings, which was set up in post-Apartheid South Africa to help the country heal from the deep wounds left from that horrible regime. The film opens in nine theaters in major markets tonight.

Mail Order Wife - Reveiws
A mockumentary about a slovenly doorman from Queens who has given up on dating and instead gets a mail order wife. The movie takes a twist when the documentarian becomes emotionally involved in his subjects' marriage. The Black Comedy opens tonight in two theaters in New York and Los Angeles before expanding at the end of the month into San Francisco and Austin.

Millions - Reviews
The best reviewed new movie of the week and one of two limited releases with a legitimate shot at mainstream success. Two boys find a bag full of money and must find a way to spend it all before the Euro replaces the Pound and the currency becomes useless. The film has a strong pedigree as is the latest work from director Danny Boyle of Trainspotting fame. The film opens in 5 theaters in New York and Los Angeles but should expand nationwide before its run is over.

The Upside of Anger - Reviews
My personal pick of the week, this film features some amazing performance by Joan Allen and Kevin Costner, who is again playing a Baseball player. Well, ex-baseball player. This movie was originally scheduled for a cushy December release, right in the heart of award season, but was pushed back for unknown reasons. This is a real shame since Joan Allen gives an award-worthy performance in the movie. By the time Award Season 2005 roles around most people will have forgotten about it. The film opens tonight in 9 theaters before getting a wide release in April.

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