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Updated: Winners of our Predict the Academy Awards Contest

March 13th, 2005

The Oscar winners have been announced, numbers have been crunched, and we have some winners in our Predict the Academy Awards Contest. As usual, the winners of the contest showed an uncanny ability to predict the Oscar winners.

Our winner is Lori Reineke of Grand Rapids, Michigan. She correctly predicted an amazing 21 out of 24 Oscar winners. Her secret? "I was able to use my skills as a psychologist to study other people's predictions and figure out which predictions were more likely to be accurate," says Lori.

Lori only slipped up on the Best Song award (like the majority of our readers, she favored Accidentally in Love from Shrek 2), and the Documentary Short Subject and Animated Short categories. Diligent research (she cites The Numbers, The Oscar Guy, Award Speculation and Oscar Watch as sources) also played a big role in her success.

Our runners-up prize goes to Rich Demsch of Skokie, Illinois. He made correct predictions for 20 Oscar winners. Rich tells us, "In selecting the winners, I had used a 'combo approach' by having done some research on the web, reading Roger Ebert's picks, Numbers readers votes and simply just guessed at some. So you could say 'a little of this and a little of that' did the trick - just like a secret recipe when cooking."

Congratulations to our winners, and good luck to everyone in next year's contest!