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Hitch Hits $100 Million

March 30th, 2005

The romantic comedy, Hitch, topped the international box office charts after hitting $100 million earlier in the week. After adding $18.4 million 5,000 prints in 55 markets the film's international box office now sits at $127.4 million and is less than a week from hitting $300 million worldwide. The film had strong openings in a handful of markets, $430,000 in New Zealand on 61 screens, $350,000 on 48 screens in Greece, $292,000 in Venezuela. But the heart of Hitch's weekend haul came from holdovers like the U.K. with $3.1 million and Germany with $3.0 million, (and number one in both markets.) The film is also still doing strong in France, ($2.8 million and second place) and Italy, ($1.4 million up 5% from last weekend.) This is mostly likely the last weekend the film will reign on the international charts, but with Japan still ahead it should still make some noise at the box office.

It looks like Robots won't be able to top its domestic total on the international scene, this week the film expanded into a dozen new markets but barely improved on last week's performance with $16.7 million on 6000 screens in 41 markets. It's best opening came in Australia with $1.9 million on 385 screens, and while that was strong enough for first place, it can not be considered a particularly good result. The film also debuted in first place in Argentina with $356,000 from 114 screens, but could do no better than third place in Italy with $1.4 million on a massive 506 screens. The Easter holiday helped the film have mild drop-offs in several key markets, (down 6% in the U.K., 15% in Brazil and 21% in Germany) while the film jumped 20% in Spain. So far the film has brought in $45.3 million and should top $100 million, but it won't go much further than that.

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous did no better internationally than it did on the domestic front bringing in an estimated $10.5 million on 2100 screens in 13 markets. Its best single market was the U.K. where the film earned a $2.45 million, third place finish while it finished second in Australia with $1.87 million. Other debuts were moderate to soft, (Germany $1.76 million, Spain $1.16 million, Taiwan $620,000, Holland $422,000, Switzerland $353,000 and Belgium $340,000.)

The Ring 2 opened in another half a dozen markets, but failed to impress in any of them. It's biggest box office haul came in Australia where the film took in $1.6 million on 233 screens, good enough for only third place. The film also failed to impress in Brazil, ($790,000 on 216 screens), Israel, ($200,000 on 30) and Peru, ($180,000 on 25.) The film did manage one first place finish in Finland with $210,000 on 30 screens. Holdovers were no help either as the film tumbled 50% or more in Mexico, Greece, Norway, Sweden and Turkey while it plummeted 77% in Thailand, which is high even for that market. The only good news came in Holland and New Zealand where holidays helped the film drop just 4% and 5% respectively.

Rounding out the top five was Constantine, which was the second film on the list to hit $100 million during the midweek. The film added $5.1 million during the weekend and now sits at $108.2 million. The lion's share of that total came from the U.K. where it placed fifth with $1.85 million raising its box office in the market to $8.25 million.

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