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Ring Leader

April 6th, 2005

For the first time in four weeks we have a new numbers one on the international charts as The Ring 2 opened in several major markets helping propel the film to $18.8 million on 3,476 screens in 37 markets for an international total of $34.7 million. That was enough to push its worldwide total passed $100 million to $102.7 million. It's biggest single market was the U.K. where the film $3.86 million on 419 screens, but this was not up the performance of the original. On the other hand, the film saw its biggest gain in France where its $2.15 million on 403 screens was 50% more than the $1.4 million original made in 2002. Other major market debuts include $3.0 million on 445 screens in Germany and $2.9 million on 320 screens in Spain. Holdovers were not kind to the film, again, as it dropped 54% in Australia to just $717,420. This has been a problem throughout the film's run and will likely result in the film earning substantially less than original when all is said and done.

Hitch was knocked out of the top spot this week but still managed a strong $11.0 million on 4500 screens in 56 markets, including $2.1 million in its fifth week of release in the U.K. That helped push its total in the market to $26.8 million and $148.9 million internationally. Having easily beaten $300 million worldwide, the film's next milestone is topping its domestic total, which currently sits at $171.3 million.

It looks like Robots has already peaked on the international charts with just $10.75 million this weekend on 5,812 screens in 43 markets, lifting its international total to $69.2 million. The biggest market for the weekend was the U.K. where it managed $1.9 million, but the film is also still doing well in Australia with $1.4 million.

So far Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous has failed to live up to expectations in nearly every market, this week earning just $7.35 million on 2700 screens in 24 markets for an early international total of $24 million. And at this pace the film may struggle to hit $100 million worldwide. The film was able to beat the original in both Indonesia ($110,000, 85% increase) and Turkey, ($180,000, 40% increase) but missed that mark in nearly every other debut this week. Holdovers were not much better with the U.K. being the only major with a sub-40% drop-off. There the film earned $1.3 million, dropping 36%, but the film fell by 43% in Australia, ($1.08 million and second place, 54% in Spain, (which actually isn't that bad for the market) and 56% in Germany, ($770,000.)

Rounding out the top five, possibly, was Constantine, maybe. (Quite frankly, Million Dollar Baby will most likely sneak into the top five, but there are no box office figures available at the moment.) Thanks to a second place, $1.8 million opening in Russia, (and first place openings in many former Soviet Republics) the film was up slightly for the weekend with $5.15 million lifting its international box office to $117.8 million. The film should have no problem hitting $200 million worldwide, but with a production budget at an estimated $100 million, it will need to wait till the home market to show a profit..

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