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Movie Website Updates for April 22 - April 28

April 28th, 2005

During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. Here the list of this week's releases, a couple of new sites and few updates, including this week's winner, Unleashed - Official Site.

Simple site with most of the regular features, (only the director has a bio) with very little animation and no sound. The trailer does a very good job of selling the picture to the art house crowd.

Batman Begins
There's a new trailer over on I should be really excited about this movie, but I'm not. Not sure why but none of the trailers have made me want to see the movie yet.

First new flash site of the week and quite frankly the nicest thing I can say about it is there's two month till the movie opens so there should be plenty more features added till then. Right now there's just the bare minimum without any features marked coming soon, very little sound and animation, but at least they are using the source material to add a little style.

The Brothers Grimm
Typical Miramax website with just the synopsis.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
This site launched in just a few minutes this week, so I decided to give the new video clip another try. It talks about the locations and sets and is quite interesting but it didn't do a great good at selling the movie.

Citizen Verdict
Big update to the site this week with most of the old feature added back to the site as well as some more video clips, the results of the votes and more.

Death of a Dynasty
No real changes since the site first launched.

The Devil's Rejects
New trailer was added to the site, but I'm still ambivalent towards the film.

Disaster! The Movie
A word of warning, this site contains foul language and naked action figures, which is not only offensive, but also really fun to say. Naked action figures. The rest of the site contains the synopsis, character bios, a couple of clips and more.

Finding Home
A subdued site that has all the usual features plus plenty of style, but it does it in a way that doesn't overcrowd the content. Synopsis, cast & crew bios, image galleries, trailer, making of featurette and more. That making of featurette is excellent and makes the site worth checking out all by itself.

Funny Ha Ha
There have been no changes to this site in quite a while.

George A. Romero's Land of the Dead
Typical Universal placeholder site with the synopsis, cast and crew list, small image gallery and the trailer. Or to be more precise, a link to the trailer. It's effective as teaser trailers go, but I'm waiting till the final trailer before I get too excited on this one.

Just the synopsis, select bios and links to various soccer related sites.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
The movie opens tomorrow but a couple of features are still marked coming soon, (the clips and two games.) I wasn't expecting the clips to be added before the movie opens, but the final two game were another matter. Although it is pretty early in the morning so I'll check again before I upload the column. … Sure enough, they were added sometime in the afternoon. If you only check out one feature on the site, check out the Dolphin Sing-a-long.

The Holy Girl
No real changes since the site was last on the list.

House of Wax
The crew bios were added to the site.

Kingdom of Heaven
Roaming the Kingdom was added to the site, but instead of talking about the places and people in the movie, it's a bunch of products you can buy for your cell phone. Overall the recent updates have reduced the epic feel that this site should have.

Ladies in Lavender
No changes since the site was first on the list.

A League of Ordinary Gentlemen
Just the trailer so far, but hopefully they can really do something entertaining with this site.

The Libertine
Typical Miramax website with the synopsis and cast & crew list.

Lords of Dogtown
New webisode was added, this one on the big bus stunt.

Night Watch
The flash site launched this week and it definitely has some style but little in the way of extras. Outside a couple of clips marked coming soon, there are no unusual features.

In every great site there's a hook, and with this site it's the audio clips. More than two dozen quotes from the movie are on the site as well as clips from 18 songs. The site also has a huge amount of information on Paradise Myths, Myths touched on the in movie and quote from various people on various topics. The site also has plenty of the usual features, but it's these extras that make the site stand out.

Saving Face
The main site launched this week and while it has most of the usual features, although only a few members of the cast and crew have bios while most just have filmographies. The way the background images come together adds a bit of style, but without any sound the site is still lacking in that area.

Secuestro Express
Typical Miramax website with the synopsis and cast & crew list.

The first update to the main site in a while. We now have half-a-dozen images, some downloads, oh yeah, and the trailer. Woo hoo! The Browncoats section also had an update including information on the special screenings. But if you want to pick up tickets it's too late, they all sold out in under two hours.

Twin Sisters
Typical Miramax website with the synopsis and cast & crew list.

An Unfinished Life
Typical Miramax website with the synopsis and cast & crew list.

This site is divided into two main section, Tame and Savage. Not only are the background music and images different for the two sections, but some of the content is also different. For instance, the image gallery has different pictures. All the usual features are here, synopsis, cast & crew bios, production notes, image gallery and trailers. Plus extras like the two videos, hangman game and three features marked comings soon, (Pit Fight, Clips and Behind the Scenes.) Add it up and you have the winner of the dissociative Weekly Website Award.

XXX: State of the Union
This site does an excellent job at selling the movie with just the right level of sound and action for its target audience. The site not only has all the usual features but plenty of extras like a three part game, look at the weapons and vehicles in the movie and more, (although that last part did feel like a product placement and disrupted the overall style of the site.)

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