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Half a Billion for Sith

June 1st, 2005

Revenge of the Sith saw massive drop-offs in nearly every market, but still managed an easy first place finish with $61.5 million on 10,586 screens, The film now has $246.2 million internationally and $501.8 million at the end of Sunday. The film's only opening this week came in South Korea where the film earned an impressive $3.8 million at 306 screens, but its biggest single markets continue to be the U.K. with $9.9 million on 485 screens, more than 7 times its nearest competitor.

Other $1 million markets include:

  • France - $8.9 million on 938 screems
  • Germany - $6.6 million on 1,182 screens
  • Australia - $4.9 million on 537 screens
  • Spain - $4.2 million on 497
  • Mexico - $2.4 million on 914 screens
  • Russia - $1.8 million on 362 screens
  • Italy - $1.6 million on 683 screens
  • China - $1.6 million on 500 screens
  • Brazil - $1.3 million on 504 screens
  • Sweden - $1.1 million on 129 screens

The film is nearly on the top 50 international charts and including Monday's numbers, it's the 35th highest grossing film on the worldwde charts. Even with sharp drop-offs from now on thanks to increased competition, the film should still continue to climb both charts at an incredible speed and by the time it opens in its last market, (Japan on July 9th) it should be well within the top 20 on both charts.

The rest of the top five paled in comparison to Revenge of the Sith with Kingdom of Heaven coming in second place with just $8 million on 6,000 screens. After four weeks of release the film has managed just $145 million internationally; one must assume the studio was expecting the film to earn that much domestically and twice as much internationally.

House of Wax was one of the few films to open in more than a handful of markets, and that allowed it to reach third place with $4.57 million on 1,200 screens in 22 markets. It's best performance came in the U.K. where it finished a distance second to Revenge of the Sith with $1.38 million on 305 screens. The film also opened in France, ($794,753 on 260 screens) Hong Kong, ($410,294 on 41) and Thailand, ($284,000 at 51.) So far the film has only earned $9 million internationally, but has plenty more markets to debut in.

The Pacifier's weekend take jumped up to $3 million on 2,006 screens in 30 markets for an international box office of $61.2 million so far. Half of its weekend box office came from the U.K. where it opened in third place with $1.5 million on 354 screens.

Rounding out the top five, maybe, was The Interpreter with $2 million on 1,580 screens in 28 markets. So far the film has made $64 million internationally and with France and Italy still ahead it should hit $150 million worldwide.

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