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Theatrical trailor finally out for War!

June 9th, 2005

Theatrical trailor finally has been out for War of the worlds! Looking at it one can guess out that there will be more depth in the story than merely an ordinary alian invasion story. Atleast it wont be another indipendence day in so many ways! First of all ID didnt have Spielberg hands on it and other is Cruise. Movie is releasing on Wednesday, one might have to think what are the prime targets of the movie are, looking at wednesday relasing, I believe this movie will try to cover as much as possible during those 5 days since it has massive budget(though paramount claims that its around 125 to 150 million). Dreamworks is looking for around 120 million for first 5 days! Having spielberg and Cruise together in a mainstream cinema I dont think 120 in 5 days will be hard to achieve (remember Minority Report was not a main stream movie). Some conformed news are are coming that alians in this movie are not going to be looking friendly and there will be no flying sauccers,instead tripods will be used and those red weebs are going to be there! Though this movie will not affect Batman's movie much (since in this new era all the movies are sprinters , no one is marathoner like titanic), still War will affect batman for long run struggle for sure if its looking to join 300 million club.

Source: War of the world official website