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Winning by a Beak

July 12th, 2005

For the third weekend in a row March of the Penguins was the top draw on the Per Theater Charts with over $1 million on just 64 screens for an average of $15,927. Its per theater average fell a mere 23% on the post-holiday weekend despite more than tripling its theater count, which bodes very well for the film's long term success. Coming in a very close second was the overall box office champ, Fantastic Four with $15,564.

This past week also saw some milestones reached for several Per Theater Charts alumnus:

  • Paheli topped $1 million earlier in the week but it is unlikely to make it much further than that.
  • As previously stated, March of the Penguins earned $1 million over the weekend, which means it crossed the $1 million milestone during that time. The film almost assuredly crossed the $2 million mark on Monday and has plenty more milestones to hit.
  • Rize just made it to $3 million over the weekend, but it's falling fast and shedding theaters.
  • Ladies in Lavender reached $4 million sometime midweek, and is holding up very well.
  • Mad Hot Ballroom also hit $4 million midweek and is holding up even better than Ladies in Lavender. While it did lose a few theaters over the weekend, its per theater average grew by a couple of percent.

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