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Madagascar Makes its Move

July 20th, 2005

Unlike so many day-and-date worldwide openings, Madagascar went the few markets at a time route, but still managed to reach the top of the international charts this weekend with $31 million on 5,100 screens. Most of that came from openings in both the U.K. ($9.7 million on 505 screens) and Germany ($8.5 million on 800). The film also opened in South Korea, but failed to topple War of the Worlds, finishing second with $2.375 million in 301 theaters over the weekend and $2.69 million overall. The film led in a couple of other Asian markets, taking in $1.35 million on 80 screens in Taiwan and in Hong Kong it brought in $1.2 million on 50 screens since its release on Thursday. Overall the film now has brought in $143 million internationally and $327 million worldwide.

War of the Worlds saw massive drop-offs in most markets again, falling to $30.0 million on 6,030 screens for a running tally of $256.5 million internationally and $448 million worldwide. This may already be enough for the film to show a profit (depending on how many points Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise are earning), but it hasn't held up nearly as well as expected. For instance, the film fell 53% during its second weekend in France to $4.8 million and 60% in South Korea to $2.60 million. Other major markets include a 60% drop-off in Germany to just $1.5 million, 47% in the U.K. with $4.2 million, and 35% in Japan to $3.5 million.

A handful of new openings helped Fantastic Four climb to $20.1 million on 4,228 screens. Openings include Spain at $4.3 million on 427 screens, Russia with $1.1 million on 306 screens, and $1 million on 57 screens in Hong Kong. In that last market, the film missed first by $50,000 behind the opening in Madagascar for the three-day weekend. Holdovers were also strong, especially when compared to the domestic market; for example, the film dropped just 40% during its second weekend in Mexico landing at $3.5 million on 929 screens and 43% in Australia with $1.6 million on 303.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith added another $8.1 million over the weekend. All but a fraction of that came from Japan where the film managed $7 million in 726 theaters. After two weeks the film has $31.1 million in Japan, lifting its international total to $407.8 million, which is 17th all-time, just behind Spider-Man 2. Its worldwide box office is now $781 million, 15th on the all-time charts, just ahead of Spider-Man 2.

Batman Begins opened in a couple of Scandinavian markets over the weekend with $600,700 in Norway and $236,900 in Finland. Those two markets helped the film earn $5.6 million for the weekend while its totals were lifted to $142.8 million internationally and $325 million worldwide. Can the film be considered a success? That depends on your definition. The film will make a profit, if it hasn't already, but it didn't live up to lofty expectations.

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