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Making Edukated Choices

July 22nd, 2005

It is such a busy week for wide releases that the limited releases may be unfairly overlooked.

9 Songs - Reviews
A very controversial film, and with good reason. The movie is basically concert footage intertwined with scenes of two actors having sex. And I don't mean two actors acting like they are having sex; they are really having sex. The controversy is sure to draw some crowds, but the lackluster reviews will keep the film securely in the Art House circuit with almost no hope of escape.

The Edukators - Reviews
A German film about political activists who break into rich people's house as a form of protest. But when the occupant of one such house comes home early they are forced to kidnap him. The Edukators opens tonight in Lincoln Plaza and the IFC Center, both in New York City.

Last Days - Reviews
The last days of a brilliant but troubled musician living in Seattle are the focus on this film directed by Gus Van Sant. It's basically a thinly veiled BioPic of Kurt Cobain's final days. Last Days opens in a dozen theaters in a handful of markets including New York (AMC 25); Los Angeles (Laemmles Sunset 5); and of course, Seattle (Neptune Theatre).

Making Grace - No Reviews
A documentary about a lesbian couple and their attempt to have a child. The film opened on Wednesday in the Pioneer Theater in New York City.

Monumental: David Brower's Fight for Wild America - Reviews
Another documentary opening this week, this one about David Brower, a political activist who fought for environmental conservation throughout his life. Much of the film is footage shot by David Brower himself including some spots he fought to preserve that were destroyed -- that alone makes the film worth seeing. Monumental opens tonight in New York City at the Quad Cinema.

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