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Getting the Jump of the Competition

August 17th, 2005

Supercross: The Movie gets an early start to the weekend tonight, but instead of getting a head start on the competition, it will likely crash and burn before the weekend even gets under way.

There are some serious concerns with regards to this film's chances at the box office. Firstly, the sport it's based on is not that popular, and the popularity of the sport has a very big influence on the box office potential of the movie. Secondly, its been moved around the schedule a couple of times recently being bumped up two day just last week, which means people interested in the movie might not know when its opening. And lastly, it's a really, really, bad movie, certainly in the running for the worst movie of the year.

Add in a small theatre count, almost nonexistent ad campaign and you have all the makings of a bomb. So look for just $1 million tonight, roughly half that on Thursday, and $2.5 million over the weekend.

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