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Limited Releases can't Rescue Moviegoers

October 14th, 2005

Of the five limited releases, only one of them was able to earn overall positive reviews this weekend. Add in three wide releases with negative reviews, and the weekend is one for eight. So much for the power of award season.

Innocent Voices - Reviews
Mexico's official entry for last year's Oscars, but it wasn't nominated. The film tells the story of an eleven-year old boy who must decide between joining the army or the guerillas, and is made even more powerful because it is based on real life events. Unfortunately, it isn't quite powerful enough to earn overall positive reviews. Innocent Voices opens tonight in 64 theatres in major markets.

Loggerheads - Reviews
The film tells three interconnected stories set in three different locations in North Carolina and based on real life events. Reviews are mixed, with even the negative reviews admitting there's something engaging here, while the positive reviews complain that the movie moves too slow. Loggerheads opens in four theatres tonight, including the Sunshine Cinema in New York City.

Mouchette - Reviews
The only film on this week's list to earn overwhelmingly positive reviews and technically it's not being released today, but re-released. This is the 1966 classic by the French director Robert Bresson and is arguably his best work (although many would vote for Balthazar instead). This film tells the story of Mouchette, a young girl whose life is such that suicide seems like an appealing alternative.

Nine Lives - Reviews
One of the better reviewed films this week, it nonetheless has plenty of weak points. It tells the story of nine women and while some of the stories work and some don't, there will probably be enough that do for the film to be worth a rental. Nine Lives opens in seven theatres including Laemmles Sunset 5 in Los Angeles and the Angelika Film Center in New York City.

Where the Truth Lies - Reviews
The most weakly reviewed limited release of the week, but it isn't as bad as the reviews would otherwise indicate. While most critics are giving the film negative reviews, the reviews are not overwhelmingly negative and the average review is just moderately disappointed. That's a real shame since the film is based on an excellent book, was directed by the acclaimed director Atom Egoyan, and has an amazing cast. Still, it is worth checking out, but most likely you'll have to wait for it to hit the home market. Where the Truth Lies opens in nine theatres in the United States tonight after opening in more than 100 theatres in Canada last weekend.

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