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Zorro Slips but Stays on Top

November 9th, 2005

The Legend of Zorro saw serious declines in many major markets, but was still able to take top spot on the international charts with $17.5 million on 6,150 screens in 60 markets for an international total of $60 million so far. In France, the film fell by 57% to $2.46, and in Spain it fell by 46% to $1.71 million, but remained first in both markets. Meanwhile, it was down 64% in the UK to $1.18 million. It did show surprising legs in Germany, where it was down just 25% to $1.33 million, in Holland down 27% to $270,000, and in Turkey where it was down just 8% to $275,000. However, in that last market, it was one of only two films in the top ten to suffer week-to-week declines.

The Corpse Bride made a couple of debuts in two Asian markets, which helped the film climb to second place this weekend with $8.9 million on 2,700 screens in 37 markets. The film now has an international total of $44.8 million and a worldwide total of $98 million, which is enough to consider the film a financial success even if the rest of its run is disappointing. This weekend the film opened in South Korea with $1.2 million on just 105 screens for third place and came in second in Thailand with $146,000 on 60 screens. Holdovers were also strong, with the film growing by 9% in Italy with $1.35 million on 220 screens, and $1.2 million on 439 screens in France.

It was a milestone weekend for Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit as the stop motion animated movie crossed the $100 million milestone over the weekend. The film continues to be a major player internationally, adding $8 million on 4,200 screens in 42 markets, and pushing its international total to $107 million. The film opened in fifth place in South Korea with $1 million on 200 screens and earned $190,000 in its debut in Denmark. Holdovers were generally weak, but the film has been playing in most markets for several weeks so that is to be expected. For instance, the film fell 55% in the UK, dropping to second place with $2.89 million on 499 screens, while in France the film fell 40% to $1.34 million on 560 screens.

Thanks to a first place debut in Italy, Flightplan saw its weekend haul grow to $6.5 million on 1,884 screens in a couple of dozen markets for an international total of $41 million. In Italy, the film earned $2.89 million on 310 screens for the best per screen average in the market. The film is also still doing strong business in Germany, down just 24% to $2.06 million for a three-week total of $10.7 million.

Elizabethtown started its international run by opening in 16 markets, and while the sheer quantity of markets was enough to push the film into the top five, the quality left a lot to be desired. Its best market in terms of raw dollars was the UK, with $1.17 million on 317 screens for a sixth place finish, but it finished in second place in Australia with $775,000 on 210 screens. It also performed well in Germany, finishing third with $980,000 on 246, and fourth in Italy with $997,000 on 198 screens. It suffered in France, with just $670,000 on 295 screens for tenth place, seventh place in the Netherlands with $100,000 on 25 screens, sixth place in Turkey with $235,000 on 36 screens and fifth place in New Zealand with $77,000 on 37 screens.


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