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Movie Website Updates for November 11 - November 17

November 17th, 2005

During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. Here the list of this week's releases, a couple of new sites and few updates, however, it was a slow week for updates and I've decided not to award any site with the Weekly Website Award.

The Aryan Couple - Official Site
No changes in a long, long time.

Big Momma's House 2 - Official Site
The placeholder site is up and it has the synopsis and the trailer. It's one of several site with new trailers this week, but it is not a good one.

BloodRayne - Official Site
The trailer is online, but you have to head over to to see it. My initial reaction to the film was, "Sweet heaven above, nnnnooooooooooo!" But seriously, this could be worst than Uwe Boll's last movie.

Breakfast on Pluto - Official Site
No real changes in a while.

Clerks 2: The Passion of the Clerks - Official Site
Another week, another two more clips on the site. Very funny, very not safe for work, and I have a funny feeling Kevin Smith will be getting a lot of underwear for Christmas this year.

Firewall - Official Site
There's a in-depth synopsis on the site and a link to the trailer. When I heard about the premise of this film I wasn't that enthusiastic, but the trailer was better than expected.

Fun With Dick and Jane - Official Site
The flash site launched this weekend and it has all the usual features and extras like three games. However, it didn't do a very good job at selling the movie and only the film's pedigree hasn't made me give up entirely.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Official Site
Quite a massive site with plenty to read and several games to play. It is easy to see why it's an award-winning site.

Hoodwinked - Official Site
The trailer is online, but you have to head over to to see it. Any interest I had in seeing the movie was suddenly killed. The jokes were lame, the animation was poorly done, and the story seems so old.

In the Mix - Official Site
The flash site is up, and while the main section has a bit of style, the rest is mediocre.

Match Point - Official Site
The site is down at the moment. This probably mean there's problems with the server. I'll check back just before I upload the story and report and any changes. ... It's back, but there were no changes.

Monster House - Official Site
The trailer is up, and it's not bad, but not that good either. On a side note, the film practically screams Halloween, so why is it coming out in the middle of Summer?

Mrs. Henderson Presents - Official Site
The trailer was added to the site, and I must say, this looks great. This could be a sleeper hit, and may even earn an Oscar nod, or two.

Open Season - Official Site
It more than 10 months till the movie opens, but the flash site has already launched. Right now there's the synopsis, character bios, trailers, a game and downloads. There's also enough sound and animation to stand out compared to many sites. There better be regular updates, or by the time the movie comes around I will be sick of seeing the same site every week for the next 10 months.

Private - Official Site
Simple site with all the usual features, but not much in the way of style.

Tideland - Tideland
The trailer and three clips were added to the site. I'm not sure if this film will be marketed correctly, or if it can be, but it certainly looks amazing.

Underworld: Evolution - Official Site
The flash site is up but there's only an image gallery and the trailer. On the other hand, there is lots and lots of animation, too much animation. The content to animation ration is laughable at the moment as it takes more time for the site to open then it does to look at all the content, but I'm confident as the release date nears that will change.

Unveiled - Official Site
Simple site with the synopsis, image gallery, trailer and more.

V For Vendetta - Official Site
This week the Video iPod version of the trailer was added to the site, as were links to the four new posters.

Walk the Line - Official Site
No real changes since last week. Still, it's a good site but could have used more music.

Yours, Mine and Ours - Official Site
One more of the interview clips was added to the site this week.


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